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How To Buy Resin Café Table Tops

If you’re opening up a new café then it’s only natural that you want it to have its own unique style. Alternatively, you may be wanting to upgrade your existing café to create a look that stands it out from others. One way of doing this is by changing the colours and patterns in your café to update your brand. When it comes to café furniture, colours, patterns, and styles are endless. We’ve put together this post for those of you that are interested in purchasing resin table tops.

What are resin table tops?

They’re made from wood and resins with heat and pressure being applied during their manufacture. These seamless table tops are suitable for indoor and outdoor use which makes them an excellent choice for café owners with an outdoor dining area too.

A versatile choice

Resin table tops are a great choice for café owners because they’re incredibly versatile. You can find them in all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of colours and patterns which will fit into any café décor.

Buy for colour

Resin table tops often set out to mimic other materials such as wood grain, and choices include designs such as Choco Oak, Rustic Maple, Shesman Timber, and Dark Walnut. There are also subtly patterned options which imitate the appearance of stone such as Black Alcantara black marble or white marble. You’ll also find solid colour options including black and white.

Typically these table tops can be paired with the table base of your choice. Or, if you prefer you can purchase table packages which include a top and a base for added convenience.

Buy for size

Resin table tops come in many sizes and shapes. These range from 600mm to 800mm round or square and you can purchase rectangular table tops measuring 800mm x 1200mm to fit your café space. With so many sizes and colour to choose from there’s a café table for every café.

Buy for budget

Resin table tops are a great option for café owners on a limited budget. Some start at just AU$ 54 while an 800mm square table top will set you back just AU$ 96. Considering they’re extremely durable and come supplied with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty they’re one of the most budget friendly options you’ll find on the market.

Where to buy

At Café Solutions we stock a wide range of beautiful Isotop resin table tops. Our experienced staff can answer any questions you have, particularly with reference to the size of table base you’ll require. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom where you can see them for yourself?