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How To Carry Out A Quality Cafe Fit-Out On A Budget

Pizza Temptations FitoutWhether you’re looking to start a cafe business from scratch or seeking to revamp your existing space, you’ll need to undertake a cafe fit-out. This is usually the part that makes or breaks a cafe. Get it right and you’ll hit the ground running, with customers enjoying the ambience as well as the food and the coffee. However get it wrong and you’ll put people off long before they even get to taste your award winning carrot cake or fine selection of coffees.

The problem is that you can spend a small fortune on a fit-out and still get it wrong, so with this in mind, how do you get it right and do so within budget?

In essence there are four main factors to consider when delivering a first class cafe fit-out and these are

  • The type of styling/design
  • Ergonomic planning
  • Best workflow practices
  • Maximising your cafe seating capacity

Let’s take a closer look at each element.

Style or design

When considering the type of style or design you’re looking for you might want to think about your potential clientele. For instance if your cafe is in an area teaming with young professionals then you might want to think about a modern contemporary look such as an industrial feel. Conversely if it’s a family orientated neighbourhood, then you might want to consider a more relaxing space that’s less corporate.

How to save money – Once you’ve got an idea about the style or design you’re looking for, then try and adopt the ‘less is more‘ policy. If for instance you can use the original flooring, then a can or two or varnish and some elbow grease might do the trick. Adornments don’t have to be expensive either. Try sourcing a few key items like pictures and trinkets from charity shops. Skip table cloths in favour of bare tables and good quality napkins. Finally expose walls and beams rather than cover them with paint or wallpaper for a raw edgy look that’s bang on trend.

Ergonomic planning

Every cafe owner wants their customers to linger a little longer and this is why comfortable seating is key. Ergonomic cafe furniture has been specially designed to do just this. It offer customers maximum comfort and convenience so that they feel relaxed. After all who wants to hang around in a cafe when the furniture is uncomfortable?

How you can make savings – To get inspiration you might want to flick through the glossy magazines. Once you have an idea of what you want then try sourcing your furniture from specialist online suppliers. Firstly there’s a strong chance it will be a lot cheaper, especially if you buy in bulk and secondly, many online specialists such as Cafe Solutions here in Brisbane have local warehouses where you can check out the furniture in person.

Best workflow practices

Getting the right balance of tables and chairs is key. After all you want to maximise your floor space, but at the same time you also need to make sure that waiting staff can manoeuvre around the floor easily.

How you can save money The trick is to get it down on paper first. Draw your floor space and then plot exactly how many tables you’re going to need. Don’t forget to include door openings such as entrances to the kitchen, the bar area if there is one, and toilets too. This way you know exactly how many tables you need and where they’re going to go. Then you can budget accordingly.

Maximising your seating capacity

This tends to go hand in hand with best workflow practices and it’s all about maximising your seating to make the most of your floor space.

How you can make savings – If your cafe space is full of tight corners or recesses then chances are an ordinary square table won’t fit. Instead look to mix your furniture up by adding smaller rounded dry-bar tables. They’re perfect for awkward spaces and will almost certainly cost less too. In addition go for the best commercial furniture you can. Companies such as Werzalit and Isotop manufacture high-quality commercial tables that not only look great but are built to last too.

At Cafe Solutions we supply the very best commercial quality furniture at low prices and this has enabled businesses such as Gold Coast pizza restaurant Pizza Temptations to recently refit their premises at lower costs. To find out more about how you can save money on your fit-out then contact us on 07 3205 1616 today.

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