How To Choose The Right Cafe Table Tops

With so many cafe table tops to choose from making the right choice can seem a daunting task. To help you get it right, we’ve put together a few top tips to consider.

Size matters

It’s true what they say size really does matter and before you even start to look at materials, colours, and patterns, you need to decide on the size of table tops that you need. The size you need is likely to depend on the type of customers you’re targeting, your menu, and the size of your dining space. If your menu is restricted to drinks and small plates for snacks, then you table doesn’t need to be as large as it would if you were serving multiple dishes, condiments and a variety of glassware for example. 600 ml table tops are best for solo diners and couples, 700 ml for 2-4 people not requiring lots of plates and dishes, 800ml for 2-4 offering more space for additional dishes. Rectangular tables may be a good choice if you frequently attract groups since the tables can be pushed together to make a larger table.


It goes without saying that your table tops need to be long lasting and easy to clean. Always choose commercial furniture as this is designed for frequent use and we’d recommend tables coated with laminate that look just like real wood or granite but are much easier to maintain and easier on your wallet. Top brands include Werzalit and Isotop.


Once you’ve decided on the size and material for your table tops the next thing is to consider colour. This can be a tricky one as it’s not like buying a table for your home but instead needs to match with the décor and theme of your cafe and appeal to most customer’s tastes. Wood effect is always popular and gives a warm, rich vibe. Our particular favourite is Shesman timber which has a gorgeous grain pattern. White is another popular choice for its fresh, clean look or perhaps stainless steel if you’re seeking a modern minimalist feel.

Heat Resistance

The general rule here is that wooden table tops whether they’re solid wood, laminate, veneer, or melamine will be able to withstand hot drinks and wam plates to a certain degree. If for example, you can hold a warm plate in your hands comfortably then it will be fine on a wooden table. Any hotter and you might want to consider place mats or table cloths for added protection. That said, our Isotop and Werzalit table tops are extremely tough and can even withstand a lit cigarette being stubbed out on them, so if you’re looking for tough table tops, then give them a go.


Another consideration when buying table top is cleaning and maintenance. Laminate style tables are a good choice for very busy cafes since they can be quickly wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any spills or debris. Solid oak tables, on the other hand, are likely to require regular treating to make them suitable for commercial use.

At Cafe Solutions we have a wide range of table tops in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colours, so there’s something for everyone. Take a look online, download our furniture catalogue, or drop by our showroom to see them for yourself.

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