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How To Create A Stylish Patio and Spend Less

At this time of the year there’s nothing better than sitting outside a Sydney cafe watching the world go by. The thing is, customers can be picky creatures and if your furniture isn’t as attractive and comfortable than that in the cafe opposite, then they’ll have no qualms about giving you the cold shoulder, even if your coffee tastes far nicer.

If you want to create a pavement area or terrace that is crammed with tourists and locals alike, then why not try and recreate your own little touch of Paris. This vibrant city is know for its cafe culture and in particular for its gorgeous wicker chairs. We’re currently running a sale on Parisian chairs so there’s never been a better time to invest for your future. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons for choosing our French inspired chairs:

Stylish and strong

Our collection of Parisian chairs is sure to impress with their stylish good looks that are intended to deceive the eye into thinking they’re made from timber and cane, in the traditional manner. In fact, our modern French chairs consist of a steel tubular frame which has been powder coated to look like rattan in many cases. The wicker seats are made from braided nylon as opposed to cane or reed, which makes them much stronger and more resistant to the harsh Australian climate.

Easy to move around

These stylish chairs are lightweight and easy to move from one place to another to meet the needs of your customers. What’s more, they’re stackable too, enabling you to move more than one at a time, and offering a solution to limited storage.

Indoor/outdoor use

We’ve never seen the point of purchasing chairs which are only suitable for indoors. Why not make it easier on yourself by choosing chairs such as our Parisian collection which are just as happy sitting outdoors in the sunshine than they are indoors. Not only can you create a seamless flow from one area to another, but it’s easy to ‘borrow’ from one space to replace a chair in another.


As we already touched on, comfort is key for customers looking to feel relaxed when they’re eating or drinking and it goes without saying that the longer you can persuade them to stay, the more food and drinks they’re likely to consume. Now that’s got to be a good thing, right? Our Parisian chairs have a generous seat, supportive back rest and elastic beneath the seat which adds more support and ‘bounce’. Available as a side chair or armchair, this extra flexibility allows you to fit more chairs into a smaller space, or if your area is more generous, then arm chairs offer even more comfort for customers.

Easy to match your décor and furnishings

Since our Parisian chairs are relatively neutral in colour, it’s easy to match them with practically any colour of table and décor. If you’re after a modern look then they look great with stainless steel tables or if you prefer something more traditional, then a marble table top has that classic timeless look. Incidentally if you’re in the market for cafe tables, then we stock an extensive range of these too.

Are you ready to shop our Parisian chairs? Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney we’ve got a wide range of cafe furniture which you can browse in our online store or why not download our latest furniture catalogue. You can also drop by our showroom and view items first hand. We look forward to welcoming you.

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