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How To Create A Touch Of Parisian Chic In Your Sydney Cafe

parisian-cafe-chicIf you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ve no doubt come away smitten with the café culture of this great city. Brasseries, bistros, and café‘s are the bedrock of every neighbourhood or ‘arrondissement’ which are often spilling over with customers who come to savour the ambience.

While you may not be able to physically uproot your favourite café, what you can do is to take aspects or essences of it in order to turn your venue into a little slice of Paris. What’s more it can be done without it costing you the earth. Here are some pointers.

Keep it intimate

The best brasseries or bistros are intimate and snug where soft low lighting fills the space with subtle warmth. Harsh lighting is not the way to go here. Instead use layers of soft lighting in the form of chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and floor lamps to create a wonderful diffused glow.

Add an awning or two

Window awnings are unmistakeably French so why not include an awning or two. For a classic look choose a crisp striped fabric, typically in black and white, but blue and white would be a good choice too.

Parisian chic equals Parisian chairs

In order to create Parisian chic in your cafe you need low slung rattan chairs. Authentic rattan and cane models can blow your budget before you’ve even started. However there are a number of high quality, replica models that are a fraction of the price of an original. Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney for example, we have a wide range of commercial-grade replica Parisian chairs available for you to browse and buy.

Advertising posters

Colourful wall hangings advertising French wines or champagne, French products, or French regions will add a real slice of Gallic charm to your cafe. The good news is that if you search flea markets or second hand shops, these can be picked up for a bargain and are a great way to add art to your wall space. Try grouping several together for that authentic look.

Cookware, Cookware, Cookware!

In a typical Parisian bistro pots and pans are stored on open shelving where they are easy to grab. This can be replicated in your café by displaying old copper pots and pans on shelving or ledges. Not only do they add a touch of French style, they catch the warming light to bring about a welcoming glow, typical of any French brasserie or bistro. Just like the advertising posters above, they can be picked up from antique shops and flea markets for a song, so they don’t have to cost you the earth.

So there you have it. Everything you need to bring a touch of Paris to your Sydney café. Why not log on to our cafe furniture website and see what we have to offer. With unbeatable prices on a wide range of café furniture, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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