How To Liven Up Your Café With Our Premium Café Chairs

pink premium chairIf your café is looking a little bland and devoid of all character then why not consider livening it up with the use of our colourful Premium Café Chairs. Available in a wide range of funky colours and priced at just $59.40 they’re a cost effective solution to your colour issues.

Bursting with vibrant shades of candy pink, lemon yellow, orange, red, and rich blue, our premium café chairs are a great way of adding colour to your establishment. You can choose just one colour to use as an accent shade to add depth and flair to your design or go a little wild and use a variety of colours around black tables to give a funky, fun and vibrant feel to your establishment.

These bold statement chairs are made from PVA plastic which is exceptionally durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The chairs themselves boast a modern look with a high curved back, armrests and a generous seat all moulded from just one piece of plastic. This gives a smooth streamlined effect with no rough edges or seams to catch on your customers legs or clothing.

Durable and exceptionally functional

They don’t just look good but are extremely functional too. Made from PVC which is weatherproof and UV treated, it means they can be used outdoors and will withstand the harshest of weather without fading, cracking or splitting, rotting or rusting. They’re also nice and light, so anyone can move them around, and if you need to store them in a cupboard they conveniently stack up to 10 high. They also require next to no maintenance with just a wipe with a damp cloth being sufficient to wipe away any stick finger prints to spills.

Looking for inspiration?

Owing to the choice of colours you can easily incorporate them into most décors. For example if you wanted to create a 50’s diner look, you could place red premium café chairs around jet black tables. Set on a gleaming black floor against plain white walls, the look would be strong and bold and well suited to young couples. If you’re after more of a soft feminine feel, then how about choosing pale grey on your walls and floor and injecting colour with pink chairs. A country kitchen style café with an abundance of wood on display could be brought to life with soft lemon or orange chairs which would add warmth and a feeling of sun light filtering through even on a dull day. With so many possibilities the only limits are your imagination.

Why not take a look at our complete range of café furniture and get inspired. Just check out the website store or visit our showroom if you happen to be in the Brendale area. You can also call us on 07 3205 1616.

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