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How To Make Your Cafe More Appealing To Attract Customers

Making your city cafe more appealing from the get-go is vital if you’re to attract customers through your doors. For cafes based in a busy city, the opportunities are simply huge with potential customers strolling past your doors at all hours of the day, simply looking for a reason to come in.

So how can you make your cafe more appealing than the one opposite and the one three doors away?

Outdoor seating

If you have any outdoor space at the front and you’re permitted to use it, then for goodness sake do so. Not only does outdoor seating give your customers an option as to where they sit but it can attract passers-by, making your cafe look busy. Generally speaking, people are attracted to places where other people are, perceiving it to be a good place to be. After all, if a cafe has no customers, there has to be a reason, right? Having customers sitting outside your cafe has to work in your favour.


Chalkboards certainly aren’t new but they’re a marketing tool that works. They’re ideal for cafes that are situated in a side street and can offer funny quotes, special offers, and new lines. By being able to update your chalkboard whenever you want, allows you to keep your customers informed in real time.

Tantalising smells

Again, using food smells to attract customers is an old trick, but honestly, it works! My tummy always starts to rumble when I smell delicious food and I just have to track it down. Get those tantalising smells of fresh coffee and hot baguettes out on to your high street and it’s sure to entice customers through your doors.

Inviting windows

Have you ever passed a cafe and thought it looked so appealing from the outside that you really wanted to go in and explore further? Once you’ve hooked customers with your exterior get those windows cleaned so people can see the interior looks just as inviting.

Cafe furniture

Every cafe has its own unique needs and requirements but one thing we will say about cafe furniture is that you need to ensure that it matches your brand, is fit for purpose (in other words commercial furniture), and is arranged in such a way and with décor that gives your cafe personality.

At Cafe Chairs we stock an extensive range of commercial cafe furniture in different styles, sizes, colours, and materials. So why not browse our online store for ideas or visit our showrooms to see our products first hand? If you need any information about any of our products then our friendly staff are always happy to assist. Call us today on 02 8320 5321.

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