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How To Update Your Cafe Instantly

Recommendations from friends and Trip Advisor about where to get a great cup of coffee or where to find the best muffins does a lot to drive traffic to cafes and bars in the area. If a friend has found a really great cafe and enjoyed their experience there, then they’re sure to drop it into the conversation next time you meet up and will likely tell other friends about it too. To all accounts this sounds like you’re reaching your target market without doing anything other than a great job.

However, it isn’t always enough to make sure that you’re serving the best coffee or regularly updating your muffin recipes – creating the right ambience is equally as important. It’s this that will often make your cafe stand out from the crowd.

Does your cafe need a new fit-out?

Sometimes the only way to create a fresher, more modern, or authentic and relaxed atmosphere in your cafe is to start all over again with your décor and furniture. Sometimes, however you don’t need to go this far.

Something as simple as adding a colourful feature wall can change the total feel and look of the room and by adding a piece of feature furniture, you can also change the tone. The great thing about adding a piece of furniture, or a few select pieces, is that you can choose something that fits in right away with the look you’re trying to achieve be it industrial, sleek, glamorous, rustic, expensive and so forth – quite simply with the choice of cafe furniture available, there are no limits.

Another thing about furniture is that it gives you the flexibility to easily change the style of your cafe. If for example your weekday customers tend to be young mums then make sure you have some comfy sofas where they can sit and chat together with a few high chairs for babies and perhaps an area for toddlers with some cushions, a low table, and some building bricks or colouring books to keep them amused.

If at weekends you tend to attract younger customers coming in to watch football then put away the highchairs, move the sofas to another part of your cafe, and set out a couple of communal tables in the area where football is to be screened, with groups of stools placed around so they can all sit together.

Similarly if you have a fairly traditional cafe build but want to create more of a modern feel that works around it, then why not introduce some metal furniture. Things like Tolix meeting tables which blend wooden tops with metal frames, or classic chairs which have been given a modern twist like our No. 18 cabaret chairs which are also made from metal and come in a choice of fun, vibrant colours, will attract young professionals who love this modern industrial atmosphere.

Adding feature furniture to your cafe

There are tons of ways to add feature pieces of furniture into your cafe to give it a different feel. From colourful Latte stools to tub chairs whatever you’re trying to achieve, we’re sure we can help. Why not browse our online store for inspiration or visit our Brendale showroom to see our furniture first hand. Meanwhile if you’ve any questions relating to cafe furniture you can just call us on (07)3205 1616 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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