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How To Use Your furniture To Cater For Your Clientele

Recommendations from friends about the best places to go for a great variety of coffees or the most delicious chocolate muffin are responsible for much of the footfall in cafes these days. If someone has a great experience in a cafe then they’re more likely to recommend it to someone else or share it on social media. This being the case then your venue can receive a lot more visitors without you actually having to do very much.

However, it’s not just about the coffee or the food that’s being served. To do a great job you need to create an atmosphere and environment that feels warm and inviting and which makes your cafe stand out.

Does your cafe need a total refurb?

Sometimes you’ve got to take the bull by the horns and start again from scratch in order to create the type of cafe that keeps attracting new customers. New décor, new furniture – the works. This gives you a great opportunity to drill down into your customer demographic and make choices according to who your customers are likely to be.

Sometimes, however, this isn’t necessary and by adding some artwork or a colourful feature wall or maybe a comfy sofa or some tub chairs, you can completely change the ambience of your dining space. The great thing about furniture is that unlike hanging random artwork you can pick a style of furniture which best represents the look you’re trying to portray, whether that be classical, modern, traditional, chic, or retro – there is no limit.

Flexibility to change

Furniture also gives you more flexibiity to change the style of your cafe. If for example, during the day you get more office workers wanting to rush in and out as quickly as possible then bar stools sat behind counters make a good choice. If at weekends, however you attract young families then be sure to have several high chairs as well as rectangular tables which can be easily pushed together to make one large table.

It’s important too, to focus on your customers’ needs. Remember this is not about you. Most cafes now provide charging points for mobile devices and if younger people fit your cafe’s demographic then they’ll expect to benefit from this added service.

Consider your location as well. If for example your cafe is in an area where there are lots of students or single people renting rooms, then why not consider using communal tables. These are great for groups of people as well as for individuals looking perhaps to make a new friend. A tip here is to use stools grouped around communal tables as these allow you to accommodate more people at the table and lends to the casual ambience, which is what eating together is all about.

Know your customers, know their needs, and keep on giving them choices, and you’re sure to make your cafe a success.

At Cafe Solutions we offer plenty of choice with our wide selection of cafe tables, chairs, and stools. Why not have a look around our website or visit our showroom for some inspiration?

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