How Your Café Interior Can Have A Direct And Indirect Affect On Your Sales

cafe interiorIf you’re in the café business then you’ll probably be aware that a great establishment is judged on a whole lot more more than the standard of coffee or food that it sells. In addition clients need to feel comfortable and they need to feel welcome. With this in mind, let’s take a look at just how a café interior can have both a direct and an indirect impact on sales.

Direct impact

There’s undoubtedly something very pleasant about a café that looks and feels good. A comfortable and friendly interior that encourages clients to linger a little longer than they may normally do is a great thing. Get the décor, furniture and ambience right and before you know it they’ve had another cup of your finest cup of Java and another irresistible slice of carrot cake to boot. The end result is that the customer goes away full but satisfied and you’ve just doubled your takings. It really is a win/win situation.

The other way you have to look at your interior is from the point of view of the first time visitor. If it doesn’t feel warm or inviting or simply doesn’t gel stylistically then they’ve immediately formed a negative impression. Don’t forget they haven’t tasted your great coffee or your home-made delicacies yet, so they have little else to go on. As such it could affect the mood of the client and the type of food that they order.

Indirect impact

The direct impact of a café interior is relatively easy to predict, but what about the indirect impact it might have? Interesting research has shown that in many cases the perceptions of a café through it’s interior design has an impact on how a particular customer views the type of service they receive. If a café interior comes across as warm, inviting and comfortable, then their expectations of good service and good food is heightened and as a result most people come away with a positive experience. On the other hand if the café looks shabby, scruffy and unloved, then people tend to expect poor service. As a result they might not even give the café the chance to prove them wrong as they may be discouraged to order or even enter.

The bottom line is to think about your décor wisely because it could have a bigger impact that you think.

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