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Introducing Some Of Our Newest Chairs

Cafe chairs are arguably one of the most important items of cafe furniture because they set the tone of your cafe and depending on how comfortable they are, can make all the difference to whether a person returns or not.

Not so long ago cafe chairs were predominantly fashioned from wood with classics designs like bentwood and ladderback taking central stage. Nowadays however, manufacturers have become more innovative and are using a variety of materials to create chairs which not only look fashionable and fun, but are functional and practical too. Not only this, but they’re using a combination of materials in one design which often deceives the eye and tricks you into thinking that they’re made from something else.

Marriage of materials

Polypropylene has traditionally been considered a cheap material which is normally used in the garden or for outdoor patio chairs so it’s interesting to find that this material is growing more in popularity; and as well as being used on its own in some very stylish designs its also being combined with other materials such as wood and steel.

We were very excited when we first clamped eyes on our two latest arrivals, the Loft chair and the Teriyaki chair and knew right away our customers would also love them. Both chairs use polypropylene for the seat, but one has steel legs and the other has timber legs, although you might not guess which is which when you first take a look at them.

The Loft Chair

The Loft chair is one of our most contemporary pieces which consists of a polypropylene seat with steel legs that have been cleverly finished to look just like timber. It’s perfect for cafe use but is suitable for any dining space, reception, or office break out area. The aesthetics are quite stunning with a curved moulded plastic seat which is comfortable for any user. With its strong design, you can simply sit back and let the shell structure do all the work. Available with a black or charcoal seat, this modern chair is a real crowd pleaser.

The Teriyaki Chair

Another firm favourite is the Teriyaki chair which has more of a classic design with its separate seat and back rest. What we like most about this design is that way that the polypropylene seat extends down into the timber legs, giving a look of fluidity. Lightweight and stackable this is a classy looking chair which would fit effortlessly into most decors.

Tiffany Chair

Finally, meet the Tiffany chair. This stylish chair is fashioned from polypropylene and has a grace and elegance which normally only befits timber chairs. With its high slatted back rest and generous seat it’s a great chair for indoor/outdoor use and looks fresh and clean. Lightweight and stackable, it would also fit well into any wedding setting.

So if you’re in the market for some cafe chairs then you’ll be pleased to learn that Cafe Solutions has an extensive range to choose from so there’s sure to be something to your taste. Why not browse our online store or drop by our Brendale showroom to try them out for yourself.

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