Is It Worth Buying Second Hand Cafe Furniture?

If you’re just starting out in business then you may be surprised at how quickly your budget can run out. Since one of the most expensive items when setting up a new cafe is the furniture then this is one area where you may be tempted to cut corners. Trying to source good quality cafe tables and chairs on a small budget can be tricky, and as a result you may well be tempted to buy second hand cafe furniture. Indeed you could save yourself some much needed cash by purchasing furniture that’s in good condition. However, the question remains as to whether buying second hand cafe furniture is a good idea. Let’s dive in and take a look.

Advantages of buying used cafe furniture

  • Big savings – buying second hand cafe furniture can save you a lot of money which may be better used to pay staff wages or to put towards that all singing all dancing coffee machine

  • Gently worn cafe items – Now please don’t this point scare you, but cafes do have a tendency to open and close in just a few years through bad management or lack of trade. As a result there is every chance that furniture and fittings shows little sign of wear and tear, making it a great bargain for you. You could even find that some items are still in warranty.

  • Negotiable prices – Often a cafe owner that’s closing down is keen to sell their furniture and see some money. As a result they’re often willing to come down on price in order to get rid of stuff quickly. Therefore, don’t be afraid to haggle over the price.

Disadvantages of purchasing second hand cafe furniture

  • Lack of warranty – When you’re buying second hand tables, chairs, and stools it’s likely they will come without a warranty. Typically what you see is what you get. If a product suddenly reveals a wobbly leg that you weren’t aware of when you bought it, then there’s nothing you can do. Buying second hand is always a bit of a gamble. On the flip side of this, since the majority of commercial cafe furniture is built to last for several years, often a warranty isn’t necessary.

  • May cost you more in the long run – In the event that a piece of second hand furniture suddenly gives up on you, and you have to replace it quicker than you had hoped, then you may as well have paid more in the first place for a new item.

What about buying brand new?

Well the obvious advantage to this is that you have a much bigger choice of furniture to start off with and it all comes with a warranty, for added peace of mind. In addition, when you buy from Cafe Solutions Brisbane, because we purchase direct from the manufacturer, we’re able to pass our savings on to you, so our prices are more affordable. We can also work closely with you sourcing and helping you create the perfect welcoming cafe space for your customers.

Why not browse our online store to see what we have to choose from or if you’re in the area call into our Brendale showroom and see our products first hand. You won’t be disappointed.

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