Jazz Up Your Cafe With A Stylish Latte Stool

latte stoolIf you’re looking to bring your cafe into the 21st century with a bang you could do a lot worse than a stylish latte stool. Although made from toughened polyethylene the stool itself is inspired by iconic glass forms and brings something completely unique to the plastic furniture market. Designed originally by Keith Melbourne as a detailed homage to glassware this is part of a collection that also includes the Cognac and Crystal stools. Its crisp clean lines, balanced symmetrical structure, and life like qualities give it a familiar feel with a contemporary modern twist.

Creating a cool vibe

The Latte stool comes in a variety of colours and is the perfect accompaniment for those looking to create a relaxed, chilled out feel with a funky twist. Just imagine an area with low tables and scatter rugs which are interspersed with bean bags and yes you’ve guessed it Latte stools. It’s an affordable way to create a stylish ‘go to’ cafe with a really cool vibe.

Make it Moroccan

Alternatively if you’re going to go down the themed route, then the Latte stool works particularly well in a Moroccan themed style. Just imagine a collection of these fabulous Latte stools nestled amongst burnt orange walls, brass tray tables, exotic metal lanterns, and Moorish archways. Serve steaming hot cups of sweet mint tea and you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in right in the heart of the Medina in Marrakesh.

Be Daring – Splash the colour

Latte stools come in several vibrant colours and are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to a cafe area. For something really bold, opt for the crimson red stool which would work particularly well against a backdrop of minimalist white walls and furniture. Be daring and add a splash of lime green in the form of curtains, picture frames, or lace settings for a truly dramatic affect. Alternatively the black Latte stool would work just as well set against some sleek white cafe furniture to create an ultra-modern take on a monochromatic look.

Endless practicalities

Aside from the look, there’s also the practicalities. Our Latte stools for instance come with a removable lid so they’re perfect for storing magazines or menus. Although incredibly robust they can easily be moved around the cafe to accommodate the needs of your customers and finally, they’re designed to be stain resistant so any spills can easily be wiped away using a damp cloth.

Practical, stylish, and flexible yet utterly contemporary, the Latte stool is an affordable piece of cafe furniture that can transform an average cafe into something magical. All it takes is a little conviction and a lot of imagination.

For further information on our collection of Latte stools contact Cafe Solutions on 07 3205 1616 or log onto our website at www.cafesolutions.com.au and start browsing today.

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