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Make Wobbly Tables A Thing Of The Past With FLAT technology

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a table at your favourite café only to realise that the table is wobbly. Not only does it make drinking and eating a little awkward, it kind of kills the relaxing ambience that any decent café should have. With this in mind you might mention the fact that you have a wobbly table to the staff and when you do they generally do one of two things. Either they get you to move to another table (this is okay provided the café isn’t full) or they stick a couple of beer mats under one leg in a farcical attempt to try and even it up. Clearly neither scenario is far from ideal but there is a solution. With FLAT technology, you may never have a wobbly table again.

So what is FLAT technology anyway?

FLAT is a kind of table base that keeps the table in a stable (non-moveable) position however much of an uneven surface or angle you put the table on. Elegant yet simple it consists of a hydraulic cylinder filled with fluid which can be fitted into the legs of any table. Once a leg touches the ground the fluid in the table is forced through the remaining legs causing them to extend. Once the opposite leg has touched the ground a locking mechanism is automatically applied as the remaining legs hit the surface. The result is an incredibly sturdy table with no wobble.

So how can it help café owners?

If you’ve just acquired a new café business and you’ve spent time sourcing the perfect furniture to use, it’s all good until you come to place it on your outside terrace only to find that the surface isn’t level. You could of course buy tables with levellers but the problem is that if they’ve been moved around a few times, it then becomes a lot of work to have to readjust the levellers to the right setting. Suddenly your shiny new café furniture becomes a nightmare! On the contrary, by installing that FLAT system you or your customers never need worry about wobbly tables again.

The technology has been available since 2012 but many café owners are sceptical, often favouring more tried and tested methods of wobbly table adjustment. However as café competition increases, it’s no good serving the best skinny latte in the world if your customers are going to drink them at wobbly tables. Instead why not opt for a simple piece of technology which eradicates the problem once and for all?

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