Meet The Latest Addition To Our Tolix Family

In case you hadn’t noticed we’re currently a discount on our entire range of Tolix furniture so whether you’re looking to start a collection from scratch or build to your existing Tolix items, you’d better hurry because they’reflying off the shelves.

Our range of Tolix chairs already come in some simply gorgeous colours and metallics so we’re super excited to announce the introduction of a brand new colour – silver gloss. Although Tolix has been around for more than 80 years, somehow when it’s created in this sleek shiny colour, it looks slap bang up to date and modern.

Manufactured like the original

The Tolix chair has long been a mainstay in cafes, bars, and even the home and quite honestly it will probably still be around in another 80 years time, such is its appeal. Our replica chairs are made in the same way as the Xavier Pauchard original from sheet metal and finished with powder coating for added protection.

If you looking for a stylish versatile chair then Tolix has your name written on it. It has the abiity to fit into a wide range of interiors and easily lets you mix old with modern. It’s not just about good looks, however, our Tolix chairs are equally as practical.

Robust chairs normally mean large bulky chairs but not in this case. Our Tolix chairs are robust and stackable, so they great for areas where storage is limited. Robust often means heavy but not in this case. Made from sheet steel our chairs are lightweight and easy to move around from one place to another, yet incredibly strong.

Designer looks at a fraction of the price

Another reason for embracing replica classics like Tolix is the price. Tolix is still manufactured today but the price you’d spend on just one chair would mean that you’d need a pretty massive budget to furnish your entire cafe.

Improves with age

A bit like a good bottle of wine, you can leave your Tolix chairs to simply do their own thing and the surprising thing is they’ll even thank you for it. A few dent to the legs or scratch on the back simply ads to the overall character of your chairs.

All the seating you could possibly need

Our range of Tolix furniture includes a variety of chairs styles and matching bar stools with a choice of 3 heights, so when it comes to offering your customers a range of seating – you’re sorted!

Can you imagine our shiny silver Tolix chair in your venue?

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