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Need Help Choosing Your Cafe Furniture?

Choosing cafe furniture for your new venue or even upgrading your furniture should be an exciting time but due to the wide choice of cafe furniture available it can quickly turn into a daunting prospect. Not only have you got to get your furniture sorted in time and on budget for your opening day, but it also needs to convey to your potential customers, the look and feel you’re trying to achieve. Take a deep breath and relax. At Cafe Solutions we’ve got a wide range of cafe furniture and can provide the pieces you like in bulk at an extremely affordable price. If you need some help, we can even put together a package to suit your cafe needs.

Cafe furniture is one of your largest and most important purchases when setting up a new cafe. Getting it right is crucial to your success. If your customers don’t get your brand and can’t feel the ambience you’re trying to achieve, then it’s likely that they won’t come back again. We’ve put together a few tips to help narrow down your choice and focus on what’s right for your business.

  • Write it down – Start by making a note of the style and feel you’re trying to portray. Then list the colours, patterns, textures, and feature products that fall within this brief.

    Consider your tables? What size do you need, what shape, what colour? Do you want a black or silver base as this can influence whether your table has a modern aesthetic or a more traditional appearance. What about your chairs? Do you want them to be the same throughout or would you prefer to mix them up? Perhaps you could stick to one colour but have a variety of chair styles? Or perhaps you’d rather choose one style, such as our No.18 cabaret chairs or our Tolix chairs and choose a variety of finishes and colours. Speaking of chairs, do they need to have arm rests or not? This depends on the level of comfort you’re looking to provide and whether you want customers to linger for longer. If you’re more of a quick turnaround cafe then you might just want some simple side chairs for customers looking to finish their snack and leave right away.

  • Theming – Choosing a theme is important when you’re setting up your cafe. All your furniture choices need to work together to create the look and feel that you want to portray. For instance, an industrial style should feature simple pared back designs involving wood, metal, and concrete. A natural, earthy look could make use of rattan chairs, ash timber frames, and chocolate, caramel, or coffee cushions. A vintage theme might include distressed chair and table styles, colours such as olive green and brown, and maybe a statement wall papered with retro wallpaper. Lastly, a minimalist style could use light ash furniture or white and you could choose an accent colour such as lime green or red to bring vibrancy into your design.

  • Consider your environment – Finally consider where your furniture is to be used. If it’s for outdoor use then make sure you buy furniture that can be used outdoors. Often this is polypropylene furniture but if that’s not for you, then modern nylon rattan styles are a good way to go. Outdoor furniture is designed to be weatherproof and is UVA treated to prevent the warping, rusting, cracking, and rotting. Other things to consider with outdoor chairs and tables is whether they can be stacked for convenient storage and are they sufficiently light in weight to be moved around to meet customer needs.

Good luck with your new venture and don’t forget we stock a wide range of cafe furniture online and also have a physical showroom where you can see before you buy!

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