Ottamans – Time to Get Playful with Ottomans in Your Cafe


Ask most people what they know about ottomans and they’re likely to say that they come supplied with sofas and are used to rest your legs on. While that’s true, there are several ways that modern-day ottomans can be used within a cafe setting. So let’s dive in and take a closer look at ways to get playful with ottomans.

Casual Seating

Our modern ottoman is sleek and contemporary and simply perfect for using as casual seating. Boasting a drum shape and lightly padded with a black vinyl cover and a stainless steel base, it’s incredibly comfortable to sit on and can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth too. Small and compact it’s easy to manoeuvre from one place to another and standing at 46cm high, it can be paired with our standard cafe tables. They’re ideal for use in tight corners where it would be a push to fit in chairs too.

Visual interest

Ottomans are great for adding visual interest to a corner of a cafe or bar. Geometric ottomans, for instance, could be formed into a circle and taken out separately to be used as a seat. Alternatively, round ottomans could be grouped together in various colours to form the shape of a simple flower.

Side table

Ottomans can also be used in place of conventional side tables. Try placing one each side of a sofa, for instance. Place a tray on top of each one and it provides a convenient place for customers to place their drinks or plate of food while they’re talking.

Accent Colour

Ottomans come in various colours and patterns which comes in useful when you want to add a splash of colour to a bland palette but also need to consider functionality.

Colourful ottomans can be placed around communal tables and lend themselves to the concept of casual dining with several other people.

Show piece

More luxurious ottomans, such as those upholstered with plush velvets, leather, and tapestry and trimmed with decorative braiding or tassels, can also serve as a showpiece in a lounge area. Used this way, they lend an extravagant look in a more affluent setting.

Child-friendly furniture

Ottomans are also a good choice for children who are too big to sit in a highchair but not quite big enough to sit on a ‘grown-ups’ chair. Soft and comfortable children love them. If you attract young families to your cafe, then why not consider setting up a small area where children can sit or kneel on ottomans placed around a table. You could provide some colouring books and crayons or building blocks to keep them amused while the adults talk.

Ottomans are fun and functional so why not use a few in your cafe or bar.

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