Outdoor Bar Stool – how to Choose Outdoor Bar Stools

outdoor bar stoolCafes, bars, and restaurants seem to be moving away from traditional settings which include outdoor living and dining sets. Modern-day customers like to relax on an outdoor bar stool or squashy sofa when they meet up with friends and family. However, just like choosing any new outdoor furniture, there are some tips to be aware of when choosing outdoor bar stools.

Focus on comfort

Cafes and bars should never compromise comfort for aesthetics. It’s important, therefore, to choose comfortable outdoor furniture and selecting an outdoor bar stool shouldn’t be any different.

Decide on the height of your bar stools

Just like chairs, it’s important that your customers feel comfortable when sitting on your outdoor bar stools. Comfort starts by choosing the right height of stool. If they’re too short, people won’t be able to reach your bar tables and, of they’re too high, customers may have to bend. In both cases, the experience is not likely to be good. In theory, a bar stool should take up around 70% of the height of the bar table, to be convenient and comfortable.

Consider the style of your outdoor bar stool

Just like indoor bar stools, those for outdoor use come in different shapes and sizes, with arms, backless, swivel and upholstered.

  • Backless bar stools are probably the most common and often come with a round shape which tends to save space. That said, backless stools are not comfortable to sit on for any period of time and tend to encourage people to slouch.
  • Stools with arms are undoubtedly the most comfortable as they support both the user’s back and arms. However, because they are wider, you can’t fit as many around a table or beneath a counter.
  • Swivel is a feature that doesn’t feature on any other type of outdoor bar stool. It enables guests to swivel around easily for a panoramic view of their surroundings.
  • Upholstered bar stools are another option for outdoor seating and provide more comfort than stools which have no cushions. Again, it can be difficult finding upholstered bar stools that match your existing furniture.

All of these stools have their own set of benefits and disadvantages, so it’s worth weighing up your options and what best meets your specific needs.

Matching your outdoor bar stools with the rest of your outdoor space

It’s important that you match your outdoor bar stools with the rest of your dining space. Therefore, you need to take into account colours, shapes, materials, and styles to maintain an outdoor dining experience that fits in with the overall theme and feel of your venue.

To conclude, an outdoor bar stool makes a great addition to an outside area giving your customers more seating options. All of these options need to provide comfort and keep your guests satisfied no matter where they are sitting.

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