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Outdoor Bench Seat – Features and Benefits

outdoor bench seat
Replica Tolix Timber Bench Seat

An outdoor bench seat is great for sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. A bench seat also enhances a deck or terrace area and is perfect for your customers sitting watching the world go by over a cup of coffee.

Features of an outdoor bench seat

If you’re looking for an outdoor bench seat for your café then make sure it’s a commercial grade. This type of furniture is constructed differently from residential furniture and will withstand all the daily rigours of even the busiest environment.

Choosing the size of a bench seat is another important consideration. When buying for your café you need to consider that a group may want to sit closely together whereas an individual may prefer more space around them.

Outdoor bench with comfort in mind

Not all outdoor benches have backrests. A bench seat with a backrest offers more support for the person seated especially over a longer period of time and, as you know, if a customer is feeling comfortable they’re likely to stay longer and order another drink and/or food.


Sticking to your budget is key when purchasing an outdoor bench seat since the margin between one bench and another varies enormously. An expensive bench isn’t always the best one to choose. However, you don’t necessarily want to choose the cheapest one either. Quality should always be your prime consideration since if it is to be used outside it needs to be weather resistant and UV treated in order to contend with the harsh Australian climate. Try and buy one that is within your budget and is well constructed from durable materials.


It’s also important to purchase a bench that complements your existing furniture and your décor. If you have a traditional style of café a timber bench may be a good choice for you.

An outdoor bench seat comes in many materials including timber, aluminium, and even recycled plastic. This can be made to look like wood and provide you with the same aesthetic as timber.

Here at Café Solutions, we stock a wide range of outdoor furniture made from a variety of materials including metal, polypropylene, nylon and timber. Why not browse our online store for inspiration or even better, visit one of our showrooms based in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney to take a close look for yourself. We’d love to see you at one soon ?