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Parisian Cafe Chairs

parisian cafe chairs

There’s something about Parisian cafe chairs, don’t you agree? They‘re a major contributor to the ambience of the Parisian terrace culture. If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ll know that all the restaurants seem to have their own unique Paris chairs.

About the Parisian outdoor terrace

The Parisian terrace culture first began when families started to offer food and wine to strangers outside their homes to boost their incomes.

As this business idea grew, it found its way into the sprawling Paris boulevards along with the skill of creating classic elegant furniture. Parisian chairs are typically made from natural cane imported from the French colonial presence in Asia.

Maison Gatti

Unfortunately, there are very few companies remaining that make these classic Parisian café chairs. One, company, however, is Maison Gatti,  which can be found in the commune of Fontainebleau and is one of the few places where you’ll find authentic Parisian bistro chairs.

But why are they so popular?

These charming chairs are lightweight, supple, and sturdy. In other words, they’re ideal for gracing the grand boulevards of Paris and its multitudes of brasseries. While you could be forgiven for thinking they’re purely outdoor chairs, authentic Parisian bistro chairs need a little TLC and must be taken indoors at closing time to dry. They absolutely should not be left outside during the night.

At Maison Gatti, the chairs are all lovingly made by hand by employees who are happy and smiling and extremely proud of their own area of expertise.

Nowadays the Gatti factory also doubles up as a school for those who have a passion to work with their hands. In order to become part of the Gatti team, scholars need to train for 3 to 5 years. The doors are open to anyone who wants to learn this craft.

Parisian cafe chairs at Café Solutions

While we don’t offer authentic Parisian cafe chairs we do have a collection of replica Parisian bistro chairs which are manufactured using synthetic materials for the woven seat and back.

Santorini Parisian chair in blue and white

This is one of our best selling bistro-style café chairs and features a welded aluminium frame and flat braided nylon wicker seat and back.

This attractive chair can be used indoors and outside, and no, you don’t need to take it in at closing time either! It also stacks up to 10 high for convenient storage which makes it an ideal choice for those café or bar owners who have limited storage space.

The Parisian chair in black textaline with arms is another popular French bistro-inspired chair. Again, it’s designed with an aluminium frame that’s finished to look like timber. The seat and backrest are fashioned from strong black textaline fabric which hugs to the back of the person seated. This style of chair also has arms for added comfort.

How about a bar stool too?

To accompany our Parisian cafe chairs we also sell Paris bar stools. Customers can choose from the Parisian stool with its striking black and white V pattern or the Parisian stool in black textaline. These elegant stools look as good with rustic timber tables as they do paired with our modern Isotop tables.

Sturdy, durable and lightweight these stools can be used indoors and outside enabling you to keep a consistency throughout your venue. While they may lack some of the charm and authenticity of the originals, the use of aluminium and nylon in their design provides customers with a more robust and durable chair that can withstand the harsh Australian climate as well as the daily rigours of a thriving establishment.

Why not find out more about our Parisian cafe chairs by visiting our online store. Alternatively, you can call into any of our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to see our Paris collection up close.