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Perfecting A Coffee Date

Coffee dates are growing in popularity these dates and are a quick and inexpensive first date for couples just looking to see if they ‘click’. We thought we’d give a light-hearted guide to coffee date etiquette which you never know could come in handy.

A coffee date may seem casual and relaxed but whilst it can kick-start a relationship it can also leave you feeling like the dregs in the bottom of your coffee cup. In order to go from latte to love, you need to perfect your coffee dating. So here’s some tips for café owners as well as those embarking on a date:

Chill and relax

Now here’s the thing. Don’t go overboard on your appearance, just keep it casual and clean. After all you’re only meeting for a coffee. Don’t arrive looking as if you’re going for a job interview, since this is all about getting to know each other. Café owners could aim to include some smaller size café tables which just fit two, or if there’s space why not throw in a sofa or couple of comfy armchairs.

Staking out the joint

If you’ve suggest a meeting place then check it out first to make sure there’s adequate seating, the vibe feels good and it’s not too crowded. Some of the funkier cafés may hold a book club or play music, which can broaden your date if necessary. Café owners can encourage customers to linger longer by putting seat cushions on to hard chair seats to make them more comfortable, offering attentive service, and creating a warm and comfortable environment through the use of good lighting, attractive décor and clean tables which are quickly cleared between services.

Be on time

Whilst you may think it’s OK to call and say you’re running late, it’s really not fair to keep a person that you’ve never met waiting. Instead try to arrive five or ten minutes early to lay claim to a comfortable sofa or couple of café chairs. That way it will be one thing less to worry about before your date arrives.

Maintaining eye contact

There can be 101 things going on in a busy café but it’s important to maintain eye-contact with your date and focus on them as if they’re the only person in the room. This includes striking up conversation even if you’re waiting in line together, otherwise your date may form a bad impression of you before you even get your drinks.

Don’t make payment an issue

Although it may be a rule that the person who asks to meet the other should fit the bill, when it comes to a coffee date, most experts agree that the man should settle the bill. An easy way to get round this is for the guy to already be sitting at the table and then to ask his date what they would like to drink and then get up and order and pay for it.

Don’t arrive starving hungry

Never assume that a coffee date will run in into a dinner date and arrive absolutely starving. If things are going well you can always ask your date if they’d like to share a treat. Café owners make sure you have a good range of tempting cookies and tasty sandwiches on offer at all times of the day.

Do suggest another meeting

If at the end of the date you’re confident there’s a connection, then don’t waste time in suggesting another date. Something as simple as “Coffee was great, would you like to meet up on Saturday for a movie if you’re free” makes for a casual line that allows for the other person to accept readily or not.

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