Plastic Outdoor Chairs – Practical and Stylish

plastic outdoor chairs
Belle Chair in Orange

Not so long ago, plastic outdoor chairs were probably considered very ‘bargain basement’ and certainly not something that any discerning café owner would have at his or her venue. Thankfully, those days are long behind us and nowadays plastic chairs are very much in evidence in cafes, bars, and restaurants are well as conference centres, wedding venues and more besides.

Today’s plastic outdoor chairs are far stronger than their predecessors and way more stylish. The plastic chairs for sale at Café Solutions are made from polypropylene using the latest injection mould method and are UV treated and weather resistant. Being moulded in just one piece, there are no joints to weaken or crack. Instead, you can expect many years of use from our strong commercial outdoor chairs.

Discover the benefits of plastic chairs

Plastic chairs are extremely popular and while suited for outdoor use, because of their high quality and designer inspired styles, they certainly don’t look out of place in indoor venues. As well as versatility there are several other benefits to be gained:

  • Affordability – Plastic chairs are typically less expensive than chair made from other materials so if you’re looking to up-grade your outdoor terrace or patio, it need not cost you a fortune.
  • Variety – They say variety is the spice of life and it’s true to say that plastic chairs come in hundreds of different designs and an array of gorgeous colours. Take our Air chair, for instance. This stylish chair comes in a wide range of colours from monochrome shades of white, black and charcoal to bold bright colours including red, orange, and green. If you have got wooden outdoor tables, then try grouping a mix of coloured plastic chairs around them for a look that is colourful and casual.
  • Stacking – Plastic chairs are lightweight yet strong and most of them stack for convenient storage which makes them a perfect choice if storage space is limited
  • Hassle-free maintenance – Outdoor chairs can soon get dusty and dirty but fortunately, all it takes to clean them is a hose down with cold water. There is also no maintenance needed since the chairs are totally seamless.
  • Highly portable – Since plastic chairs are very lightweight, they’re easy to move around to meet customer demands and very easy to transport to a wedding venue, for instance.

So, if you’re looking for plastic outdoor chairs then why not browse our online store or visit one of our showrooms which can be found in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Here, you can view our chairs close up and try them out for yourself. We look forward to seeing you there.