Points to Consider When Choosing Café Chairs

Choosing your café furniture is almost as important as your selection of coffees and teas that you serve. The Café industry is one in which image counts for a lot and it’s therefore crucial that you choose items which are functional and comfortable, as well as attractive looking.

We sell a wide range of cheap café chairs from cheap and cheerful PVC chairs to wicker Parisian café chairs, to our ever popular Bentwood chair. The main thing when considering which chairs to buy is to consider the type of customer you’re hoping to attract and the ambience you’re looking to achieve. The most important decision before choosing your chairs is to determine how long your customers are likely to be sitting down.

For instance if your café is located on the edge of a busy highway your customers are probably not going to stay long, so a simple PVC or chrome chair will suffice. On the other hand if your café is located in a Mall or busy high street and you’re looking to attract young mums meeting for coffee, or couples out together shopping then you might want to invest in something with a padded seat and back, and if you’ve the space, the odd sofa and arm chair is always very welcome.

Using color to create an ambience

Our premium café chairs with arms come in a variety of colours and with arms, so they’re comfortable for those customers who may linger longer. You could of course, put cushions on the seats to make them even softer for the bottom. These cheerful chairs are ideal for creating a retro look, perhaps by using black and red chairs paired with white tables, or you could mix and match the orange and chocolate chairs with beech tables to create a warm Moroccan vibe. If you’re after something more classic, then out Bentwood chairs are just the thing.

If you have a front pavement or a garden to the rear of your café, then you need to think about choosing café chairs which are suitable for both indoors and out. You also need to consider the weight factor too, since when it comes to putting the chairs away at the end of the day, they need to be stackable, and sufficiently light to be moved around fairly easily.

Our Parisian chairs are really elegant with a lightweight rust proof aluminium frame and a flat braided nylon wicker seat which is ideal for outdoor use. Having no arms means that you can place many of them together around our waterproof Travertin Werzalittable tables to capture passing trade. A busy looking café always attracts more people, so space saving chairs are a must.

Just remember when choosing your café table and chairs that it’s ok to have a mix of indoor and outdoor chairs but try and ensure they all work well together and complement your cafe’s theme.

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