Replica Tolix Stool – Embrace Modern Industrialism

replica Tolix stool
Replica Tolix Stool With Padded Seat

Nothing screams industrialism more than a replica Tolix stool. Taking its inspiration from the Xavier Pauchard original, our replica Tolix stools are a perfect choice for lovers of modern industrialism.

Tolix stools are instantly recognisable and such is their popularity that you’ve no doubt stumbled across them in your travels overseas. Created by Xavier Pauchard back in the 1930s, our replica Tolix stools are manufactured in the same way as the original from sheet metal and powder-coated to prevent them from corrosion and marking.

An iconic stool

These iconic stools feature a square seat with a slit in the top designed to help water drain if they were left outside in the rain. They also have flared legs and are fitted with rubber glides to the feet to protect your floor from marks or scratches. Cross struts beneath the seat add additional support to the structure and there is also a footrest to save the user’s legs from dangling.

Here at Café Solutions, we offer a wide range of replica Tolix stools in an assortment of styles, colours, and finishes. Indeed, the hardest part may be deciding which replica Tolix stool is your favourite!

So, how do you decide which Tolix stool is right for you?

Start by deciding which size of stool is right for your needs. Our replica Tolix stools come in 3 sizes-small, medium, and tall.

Our small stools have a height of 46cm and can be paired with standard café tables. Sitting neatly beneath the table when not in use, they’re the ideal choice for those that are short of space.

Medium replica Tolix stools (66 cm height) are for use with counters. They’re great for solo diners and when positioned beneath counters along the edge of walls, also give your customers a view to look out on.

Our tall stools are 76cm in height and are intended for use with bar counters or with our dry bar tables, also known as poseur tables. Tall and lofty, they’re a great way of adding visual interest to your interior design and allow users to eat and drink in an elevated position while enjoying a panoramic view of what is going on around them.

If you’re searching for a tall replica Tolix bar stool then in addition to our backless stools, we also stock tall Tolix bar stools with a high back in black for added support as well as white tall Tolix stools with a low back, depending on your preference.

Other designs include the addition of an oiled timber seat to some of our replica Tolix stools or a black vinyl cushion. We’re constantly updating our range of replica Tolix stools, so if you don’t see what you like the first time, then it’s always worth checking back or getting in touch with our customer services team to see if we can track down the replica Tolix stool that you want.

Get creative

Our replica Tolix stools are full of personality and are a great way of adding colour to a neutral décor. Ideal for use as an accent colour, our Tolix stools come in a wide range of bright colours including red, yellow, orange, apple green, and sky blue. You can also choose from black and white which works with virtually any decor, or you might like the metallic shades we stock.

Useful and practical

Tolix stools are useful in any café or bar because they stack for convenient storage. They’re ideal for use as additional seating at your busiest times and can simply be brought out from a cupboard or stacked in a corridor when not in use. They’re also great for casual dining and can be placed around communal tables instead of using armchairs, as you can seat more people.

Why not browse our online store for more information or visit our showrooms to see our replica Tolix stools up close.