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Restaurant Booth or Restaurant Table? Which Do You Prefer?

restaurant booth or restaurant table

No doubt you’ve been asked at one time or another “would you prefer to sit at a restaurant booth or a restaurant table” when dining out at a restaurant that offers booth and table seating. But why do people prefer one type of restaurant seating over the other?

Restaurant booths

One of the main reasons for people to choose a restaurant booth over a restaurant table is privacy. A booth feels more private and intimate because it is located next to a wall and because the seats and backrests are often thickly padded, it has a touch of luxury about it too.

Booth seating is popular with couples looking to have a more romantic experience and with business owners holding a causal meeting and not wanting to be overheard. They’re also popular with young families since the children can be sat on the wall side to help prevent them from fidgeting.

Restaurant tables

Restaurant tables are often preferred by customers because they offer more flexibility. Chairs and tables can be arranged to suit a large group wanting to sit together and in most cases, the space between the table and the chair is easily adjusted.

Restaurant chairs can be pulled out in order for diners of any size to be seated and then pushed back in without blocking any other diners. Restaurant booths, on the other hand, usually involve a person easing themselves on to a fixed seat and then sliding themselves along to the far edge. They are not as convenient for large people or those with mobility issues.

The bottom line for a restaurant owner

Clearly, there is a need for both a restaurant booth or a restaurant table so why not offer both? People like choice and using booth seating alongside standard table and chair sets can help zone your restaurant and make it look more interesting and appealing.

Furthermore, booth seating takes up less space than standard tables and chairs, so if your floor space is limited it might be a better option.

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