Restaurant Chairs In Adelaide – Stylish and Affordable

restaurant chairs adelaide
Parisian Chair With V Pattern

If you’re looking for restaurant chairs in Adelaide then you’ve come to the right place. Café Solutions is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of restaurant and café furniture and has a wide selection of furniture to choose from at pretty amazing prices.

Naturally, when you’re buying restaurant furniture you need it to be resistant and durable. All of our furniture is commercial grade which means that it’s able to withstand all of the daily rigours of the busiest establishment. As well as high quality indoor and outdoor café chairs, we also have stackable solutions for those whose storage space is limited.

Making the right choice of restaurant chairs in Adelaide can make or break your business – yes, chairs really are that important! The chairs you choose not only complete the décor, but they set the tone and vibe of the establishment too. If your customers are fidgeting to get comfortable, then it doesn’t matter how good the food and the service may be, they are unlikely to return or recommend your restaurant.

Buying restaurant chairs – The basics

The most important thing to remember is that restaurant furniture gets used far more regularly than the furniture you buy for your home. In addition, when choosing restaurant chairs and other furniture you need to consider the concept and format of your restaurant, its theme, and whom your customers are likely to be. Regardless of all this, however, your furniture needs to be functional, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing.

The qualities to look for 

Comfort – This is your number one factor and is almost as important as the food you serve. Remember that your customers will be of different sizes, so even if you’re tempted to choose narrow chairs to fit more in your space, don’t! Instead, opt for chairs that have generous proportions and, if you want to save on space, then choose side chairs over armchairs.

Versatility – If you have an outdoor dining area, then consider using chairs throughout your restaurant that can be used both indoors and outside. This way, you may be able to save money on a bulk purchase and, you can also keep a seamless flow from one area to another. Our Parisian chairs fit the bill nicely and also come with matching tall stools. Lightweight, strong, weather-resistant and stylish, they’re perfect for adding a touch of French flair.

Easy maintenance

We can’t place enough stress on easy maintenance. When choosing restaurant chairs in Adelaide, consider chairs that are easy to keep clean and need very little maintenance. For indoors, metal chairs are quick and easy to clean and can be made more comfortable with a seat cushion. For outdoor use, polypropylene chairs take some beating, and these can simply be lined up, hosed with clean water, and left to dry in the sunshine.

Compatibility with style

Finally, choose chairs that fit in with your existing furniture and/or décor. Traditional chairs such as Ladderback chairs will not look right in a modern establishment just as metal chairs will look out of place in a rustic setting.

So now you know what to look for when buying restaurant chairs in Adelaide why not head over to our online store where you can check out our restaurant chairs and other furniture