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Restaurant Chairs in Melbourne – 5 Buying Tips

restaurant chairs in Melbourne

So, you’re bang in the throes of opening a new restaurant. Naturally, you’ve had to consider the location, your menu, hiring a team, and advertising. But what about your furniture? It’s possible that with so many other things to do, choosing restaurant chairs in Melbourne has been pushed right to the bottom of your ‘things to do’ list.

Choosing chairs is more important than you might think, and get it wrong, and your business could be doomed for failure. Get it right, however, and provided everything else is aligned, you stand a good chance of having a thriving restaurant for many years to come.

So, what should you look for when buying restaurant chairs in Melbourne for your establishment? Here are 5 top tips.

Choose chairs that reflect your menu

Nowadays, customers demand so much more from a restaurant. It’s not just about the food – it’s about the entire dining experience – and that includes your chairs and other furniture. Indeed, both your décor and your furnishing should reflect the type of food that you’re serving. For example, if your menu contains hearty homely dishes, then this could be reflected by using heavy-duty rustic chairs made from reclaimed timber.

Alternatively, if you’re serving French food, then how about choosing a fabulous Parisienne chair with monochrome check. We’ve also got Parisian stools to match.

Or, if your menu is more avant-garde, then you could always opt for the latest industrial-look Tolix chairs which also have a range of stools to complement them.

Focus on comfort

No matter what your design, the focus should always be on comfort when buying restaurant chairs in Melbourne. After all, the more comfortable a person is feeling when seated, the more likely they will stay for longer and the more they will spend.

How do you know if a restaurant chair is comfortable or not?

Try it out, sit on it – just as you would when buying a new couch for your home. If you find it comfortable, then others probably will too.

Buy restaurant chairs with longevity in mind

It practically goes without saying that your restaurant chairs should be durable and hard-wearing and this is why you should always buy commercial-grade furniture. However, rather than buying chairs that are way out there in design terms, or a bold colour, try and look for something timeless. By this, we mean a chair that you will still like in 3 years’ time when perhaps you decide to change your décor. It may seem, that those neon pink chairs weren’t such a good choice after all.

Mix it up

There’s no denying that customers like choice and this even extends to their seating options. Where possible, try to include several styles of seating, such as bar stools and counters or slouchy sofas. These can be used for customers waiting for their table and being able to sit in comfort with a drink.

Alternatively, booth seating may be ideal for seating larger groups of people who want a little extra privacy, while tall bar chairs offer the perfect solution for those looking for an elevated dining experience.

Either way, mixing up your restaurant chair options is a great way of utilising your workable space for maximum profit.

Consider your table choice

The last point to remember when buying restaurant chairs in Melbourne is to consider your choice of table. This is especially true if you’re looking to mix up your furniture to maximise profit. For instance, if you’re looking to utilise some tall bar tables, then standard height stools just won’t work. Instead, you need to consider tall stools such as our Cross-back Bentwood stools.

If you regularly accommodate groups of friends, then you might want to consider a couple of communal tables if you have space. One top tip here is to place stools around these tables since they take up less space than chairs and you’ll be able to accommodate more people.

So there you have it, 5 key points when looking to buy restaurant chairs in Melbourne. If you are struggling to find what you need, then check out our Café Solutions website. We have a wide variety of restaurant chairs, tables, and accessories for you to choose from.

Of course, if you prefer to be more ‘hands-on’ with your furniture, then we also have a showroom right here in Melbourne. So why not come and see the quality of our furniture and try it out for yourself.