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Restaurant Chairs in Sydney – 4 Restaurant Styles

restaurant chairs sydney

Choosing restaurant chairs in Sydney isn’t an easy task. Making the wrong choice can leave your customers bewildered. Different restaurant conceptions come with perceived expectations and therefore restaurant design and aesthetics are a vital aspect of creating your brand.

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a few tips to help you know what restaurant chairs to look for in 4 different types of restaurant – fast-casual, casual dining, cafeterias, coffee houses

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Fast Casual Restaurant Chairs in Sydney

Somewhere between fast food and casual dining, fast-casual restaurants have been popping up all over Sydney as health-conscious diners search for a dining experience that is quick and convenient but has all the transparency of home cooking. Typically this type of restaurant does away with a waiting service. Instead, customers order their food at a counter and then find themselves a seat in the dining area.

When choosing restaurant chairs for a fast-casual dining theme it’s important to create a cohesive image. The furniture you choose is as important as the name, the logo, and even the food that you serve at your restaurant – each element should speak to the other. With this in mind, stick with designs that are contemporary and clean and make sure that durability and ease of maintenance are the top priority. Fast-casual restaurants have a quick turnover of traffic and short stays, and without a waiting service, employees may not notices spills as quickly.

We recommend the Student chair, Helen stool and Aluminium communal table with slatted teak top.

Casual Dining Restaurant Chairs in Sydney

Casual dining restaurants were introduced for families with more than one income, looking to eat a delicious meal together without having to cook it themselves. Typically they offer a complete package – good food at an affordable price, table service, and a welcoming ambience.

Because of this, it’s important to get the choice of casual dining restaurant furniture right. Customers need to have an incentive to stay seated for longer and this means upholstered chairs which deliver on comfort and style. It’s also vital to create a floor plan that allows for wheelchair access and for highchairs which encourages young families to visit and return.

We recommend the Tub chair, Timber high chair, Communal table in walnut, Rhiannon stool in black.

Cafeteria – restaurant chairs in Sydney

The main objective of this type of dining space is to be cohesive, easy to maintain, and attractive. Found in businesses and schools this type of restaurant setting requires durable furniture as high volume and short visits mean that tables and chairs are moved around on a frequent basis. Offering a variety of seating options and chair heights can also cater to a broader spectrum of people.

We suggest the Aluminium communal table with slatted teak top, Teriyaki chair in white,  low Helen stool in white.

Café and coffee house restaurant chairs in Sydney

As a rule, cafes serve a variety of beverages and snack foods such as sandwiches, rolls, pastries, and small cakes whereas a coffee house is likely to focus on speciality coffee and espressos. Regardless of which you visit, customers are likely to expect to order at the counter, pick up their drink at a counter, and choose to take it away or eat in.

Overall, the image of a café is a place that’s warm, quiet, and personal. Offer a variety of seating options from booths to bars lined with stools to couches and lounge chairs and customers will be able to choose whatever option makes them feel welcome. And, of course, don’t forget to put in WiFi access and plenty of electrical sockets to enable freelancers and students to get on with their work.

Product suggestions include: Isotop rustic maple table,  Cross back metal Bentwood chair, Tolix stool with cushion seat, Booth seat in black

By understanding customer expectations for your particular restaurant concept, you can choose a style of furniture which, rather than causing a distraction, helps build your brand. Choosing the right style of furniture for your restaurant and helping to create the sort of experience your customers expect, can reap huge rewards, and help create many returning customers.

Why not browse our online store for restaurant chairs in Sydney or, even better, we invite you to visit our showroom in Sydney where you can see our furniture up close to view its quality.