Need Restaurant Furniture in Brisbane?

restaurant furniture brisbaneIf you’re looking for restaurant furniture, Brisbane-based Café Solutions can help. We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of commercial-grade furniture and offer an extensive range of tables, chairs, and stools at amazing prices. From traditional to industrial and retro to modern, we’ve got it covered. Our range includes modern outdoor café chairs and space-saving stackable chairs, all made from strong durable materials.

All of our furniture is carefully sourced for its aesthetics and for its ability to meet both your needs and your budget. Whether you need indoor or outdoor restaurant furniture in Brisbane, we offer a wide choice of furniture styles, sizes, materials, and colours to suit the most discerning customer.

Naturally, it’s important for our customers to have high-quality furniture in their restaurants that can withstand the daily rigours of a bustling environment. This is why we’re proud to be a Furntech-AFRDI member.

What is the AFRDI?

It’s the abbreviation for the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute. Any product that has been AFRDI certified is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and has been rigorously tested for such things as safety, comfort, quality of construction, etc. We have an ever-increasing list of AFRDI certified furniture products, with the aim of giving our customers total peace of mind that the furniture they have invested in, is fit for purpose. Why not check out our AFRDI tested furniture for yourself.

Restaurant furniture in Brisbane to suit all tastes

All of our restaurant furniture is constructed to the highest standards and is supplied with a minimum of one year’s manufacturer’s warranty. The majority of it needs some simple assembly which in most cases requires little more than a screwdriver to tackle. Should you need help, many of our product pages include demonstration videos showing the assembly process.

Indoor and outdoor tables

All of our restaurant tables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Customers can choose to purchase table packages (our cheapest option) which include a tabletop and a base or they can purchase a top and a base separately to make a custom table that best suits their needs. With more than a hundred table packages to choose from plus a large variety of table bases and table, you’re sure to find something that meets your furniture needs and your budget.


Our tables tops come in many different sizes and shapes starting from 600mm to as large as 800x 1200mm. They’re manufactured by Isotop, who is one of the leading brands in the hospitality sector.

These tabletops are manufactured from plantation wood chip, resin, and wax which is moulded together at high temperatures to create a super-strong tabletop that is then finished with a laminate coating. The table tops come in a variety of patterns intended to mimic natural materials such as timber, marble, and even cement giving you a natural look without the high price tag. Heat, stain, and scratch-resistant, they’re a hassle-free choice for restaurants looking for easy-care attractive tables.

In addition, Isotop table tops feature sealed edges to prevent any moisture from getting beneath the laminate and smooth rounded corners. They are also UV treated to prevent them from fading and weather resistant. Some of our best selling Isotop table tops include Rustic Maple, Choco Oak, and Alcantara black marble which look stunning paired with either a silver or black metal or cast-iron table base.

Table bases

Tables bases are an essential item of restaurant furniture in Brisbane and need to be sufficiently strong to support a table that’s loaded with crockery and food. Our range of table bases come in a variety of styles and materials including silver or black aluminium, stainless steel, and cast iron and include such options as bolt-in and foldable to help those with limited space.

We’re also suppliers of FLAT technology table bases which do a fantastic job of aligning tables and levelling them on uneven surfaces. No more wobbly tables ever!

Restaurant chairs

What use would a restaurant table be without any chairs! We stock an ever-increasing supply of restaurant chairs made from a variety of materials including timber, metal, rattan, and polypropylene. Some of our best selling chairs include our traditional Ladder Back chairs and our cross back Bentwood chairs. For those with an industrial style of restaurant we also stock replica Tolix chairs and many other metal/wood combos.


Finally, we also have a wide range of bar stools to complement our furniture ranges. Some of our best sellers include our Parisian stools and our replica Tolix stools which come in 3 different sizes and an array of gorgeous colours.

Why not browse our online store for restaurant furniture in Brisbane or, even better, pay a visit to our Brisbane showroom where you can view it up close.