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Restaurant Furniture at Affordable Prices

restaurant furniture
Cross Back Stool

Whether you’re setting up a new dining establishment or are looking to upgrade your existing restaurant furniture, you’ll be pleased to know that at Café Solutions we have a comprehensive range of quality furniture at great value-for-money prices.

We’ve been supplying commercial-grade restaurant’s café’s and bars throughout Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane for well over a decade and have built up a reputation for quality products and great customer service. Customers can choose from a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor tables and chairs as well as barstools, booths and dry bar tables.

We have a wide range of styles to suit all tastes and budget. From warming wood to industrial, whatever your restaurant furniture requirements, we have just what you need. From super-durable Isotop coffee tables through to stylish cross-back and ladderback bar stools we’re sure to have something that fits in with your exacting requirements.

 Buying restaurant furniture – top tips!

Whether it’s booths, stools, chairs or tables, there are certain points that you might want to consider. They include:

Material type

The material your restaurant furniture is made of can say a lot about the type of premises you are trying to create. Wood, for example, conveys a feeling of warmth and quality, while metal portrays more of a contemporary modern feel. How about both? Many of our products cleverly combine both metal and wood creating an interesting but appealing look. Decide the type of restaurant you are going to be and buy your restaurant furniture accordingly.

Table size

Here at Café Solutions, we have a wide range of tables to accommodate intimate dining for two, through to large bench seats for community dining. With this in mind, it’s worth looking at your options. Small tables, for example, are perfect for corners and awkward spaces, while bench seating and booths take up more space, but can accommodate more people. The key is to maximise your floor plan while not impinging on restaurant flow. Remember, you need to balance both comfort and profit!

Commercial vs residential grade

When it comes to restaurant furniture always ensure that you are buying commercial grade tables and chairs. For example, many stores and internet retailers will sell furniture that looks fabulous but it will usually lack 3 important features:

  • The joinery is not designed for heavy and constant use
  • The finish won’t stand up to the spills and continual cleaning of a busy restaurant and
  • The product has not been commercially tested

In most cases if you buy non-commercial chairs or tables – however nice they may seem – and put them in a restaurant setting, they will be excluded from any product liability should you wish to make a claim. Thankfully here at Café Solutions, we ensure that all our restaurant furniture is of commercial grade and has been rigorously tested.

Are you looking to stand out or to blend in?

A good restaurant is, in essence, a place of entertainment. Sure people come to sample the food but they also come for the setting, décor and ambience. If you’re looking to establish a ‘go-to’ restaurant, the question is… do you stand out from all the nearby restaurants and make a statement with your restaurant furniture – or do you blend in but opt for high quality and comfort. The right furniture can be an important part of your branding, so it pays to get it right.

Know your budget

While budgets will limit some options, never allow yourself to opt for residential furniture to tide you over. It really won’t be worth the cost you might initially save. Instead, shop around, compare prices, and buy the best quality restaurant furniture that you can afford.

At Café Solutions, we only work with quality commercial grade suppliers to bring you durable furniture at affordable prices. Browse our store online or download our catalogue and see for yourself. We’re sure that you will find the right restaurant furniture for your needs.