Revamping Your Café? Then You Need A Café Lounge Area

Icafe lounge areaf you really want to do wonders for your café business, then you need a café lounge area. It provides a comfortable relaxing space where people can come and chill out, read the paper and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, but in a ‘homely’ style. Gone are the days when café’s used to be filled with evenly spaced tables and chairs. Instead as that well known coffee chain suggest “People are looking for that ‘third place’ somewhere between office and home” A café lounge area epitomises this perfectly. So how do you go about creating one?

The Décor

Firstly you’ve got to get your décor right. Whether you decide to blend it in effortlessly with the rest of your café seating area, or whether you decide to make it a separate entity, the décor should be calm and relaxing, so no fiery or loud colour schemes. Instead neutral rich tones work well. Think tranquil oasis, think exposed brickwork, chocolate browns and spices with hints of sage green or burnt orange.

The furniture itself

To create the perfect lounge area you need sofas, coffee tables and tub chairs. These are the bare minimum. If you want to go beyond this then think about adding ornaments, soft lighting and wood. Even touches of leather such as Ottomans or Moroccan style foot stools are a great idea. If you want to make it really homely, then try adding some scatter rugs so it feels great under foot. Remember warm and inviting is the key.

Other ‘stuff’

Aside from serving great coffee, which really should be a given, you might want to look at other components such as free daily newspapers and magazines. How many times have you had your head buried in an interesting article only to realise that you’re on your second cup of coffee and a couple of hours have passed? Trust me, free newspapers and magazines work! What about having a selection of books that people can borrow, or even pay a tiny fee for? It’s the little things coupled with the décor, comfort and of course an outstanding cup of coffee which will make your lounge area stand out from the rest.

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