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A cafe wouldn’t be a cafe if it didn’t serve coffee and fortunately, we provide everything a barista could require. From state of the art coffee machines to grinders alongside a wide range of coffee accessories including tampers, mats, milk jugs, thermometers, and scales, we’ve got it all right here.

With leading brands such as Wega and Mazzer, affordable prices, and coffee machine installation if required, why go anyplace else!

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Anyone for a slice?

Who can resist a slice of cake or a cream bun as a special treat with their cup of coffee? They say that people feast with their eyes so why not display your cakes and fancy goods in one of the Topaz range of cake display units? Economically priced and available in a variety of sizes, they feature adjustable shelving and castors for easy manoeuvrability.

Kitchen Equipment

We also supply a wide range of cooking equipment, ovens, and commercial chillers from leading brands such as Blue Seal, Cobra, Topaz, Turbofan and Waldorf, as well as stainless steel shelving

and benches. Whether you’re looking to fit-out a new venue or upgrade your existing cafe or restaurant kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Why not take a closer look at top quality kitchen equipment which will make life in the kitchen more efficient, more versatile, more fun!

Our range of kitchen equipment caters for all sizes of kitchens, big or small. Whatever the size or shape of your kitchen, our kitchen equipment options allow you to configure your space for optimum function and practicality.

Benchtop equipment allows you to work at a comfortable height with everything within arms reach. From mixers to vegetable cutters and fryers to griddles, as well as meat slicers, soup kettles,

and display bars we’ve got everything you need to prepare, cook, and display your food.

Be More Adventurous in the Kitchen

Blue Seal is one of the leading brands of catering equipment that we supply and is a name that’s synonymous with quality. It encompasses a functional range of simple and effective kitchen equipment for entry-level restaurants, cafes, and take-away joints.

Sitting beneath the Blue Seal umbrella, you’ll find the innovative Cobra range. With a choice of gas waterless woks, fryers, barbecues, noodle cookers, pasta cookers, griddle toasters, salamanders, and stockpots, this affordable, functional, and reliable range gives you every opportunity to be adventurous with your cooking.

Keep Your Cool

Our range of refrigerated counters makes it easy to display a wide variety of foods. From sandwiches and pizza to fresh ingredients, we have a chiller to suit you; and with Australian designed and manufactured brands such as Cameo, Boronia, Jayne and Banksia, your foods will stay cool in the harshest conditions.

Who’s Doing The Dishes?

Keeping on top of the dishes is never a problem with Washtec dishwashers. Designed to

meet the strictest hygiene requirements with the lowest water consumption we’ve got several models for you to choose from.

Whatever your cafe and kitchen requirements Cafe Solutions is your one-stop shop. If you need more information on any of our products just give us a call.