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Small Stools and Interesting Ways to Use Them

small stools

If you don’t have any small stools in your venue then you might want to consider investing in a few. They may be small, but they more than make up for their size in terms of versatility.

In case you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve put together a few ways that you can use them

Great for Group Dining

Communal dining continues to be popular in Australia especially amongst younger clientele. Dining together makes eating a sociable event and to keep things causal there’s nothing to beat sitting as a group on small stools chatting and getting acquainted.

Small stools are ideal for communal tables because they take up less room than chairs or benches allowing you to accommodate more guests in one go, and when they’re not in use they can also be pushed out of sight beneath the table.

Stools are also lightweight and easy to move around and make your space feel more spacious. When compared to sitting on benches, stools are easier to access and make for a more personal experience.

Add Personality and Charm

Small stools don’t normally cost as much as other types of seating and depending on their style, colour, and material, can make a big statement in what could otherwise be a neutral space.

Colourful stools like our small replica Tolix stools are perfect for adding colour and charm. If your space is relatively ‘beige’ then bright red Tolix stools, for example, can bring a real pop of colour that makes a dull space come alive.

Small stools such as our Detroit stool and Phil stool also work well in an industrial setting and with their metal frame and timber seat are strong and durable. The Detroit stool also adjusts in height which is another element that makes it appealing.

Small Stools – Great for Multi-Purpose Areas

Multi-use furniture is all the rage right now as are multi spaces in cafes. Since customers have varying needs, it makes sense to invest in small stools which can meet those needs. Unlike larger heavier furniture, small stools can be moved around with ease, whether you want to incorporate them into an area where customers wait for a takeaway service or place them into awkward spaces where it would be difficult to fit a standard table and chair set.

Our small stools are 46 cm in height and stackable which also means they can be conveniently stored and brought out at your busiest times. Why not browse our online store and see what we have to offer?