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So What Makes The Perfect Cafe Bar Stool Anyway?

ladderback-stool-with-cushionYou only have to do a simple Google search for ‘cafe bar stools’ and you’re inundated with results. 2,190,000 to be precise. That’s a lot of companies selling bar stools! The problem is that bar stools come in a multitude of designs so it pays to narrow down your search by having a good understanding of what you want. In other words you’re looking for the perfect bar stool for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this.


Obviously the perfect cafe bar stool needs to be the perfect bar height. In most cases this will be around 76 cms, however as a rule of thumb a bar stool should be 45cms (18in) lower than the height of the bar to avoid problems getting on and off the stool. Some come with adjustable height settings but take into consideration that this is something that can become faulty after much use.


Modern day bar stools are designed to be as comfortable to sit on as cafe chairs, particularly when it comes to ergonomics. You might want to consider whether yours will have back supports and arm rests. If they do, you’ll also want to take into account the spacing. More space will need to be left in between seating to ensure customers can get on and off the stools without disturbing other customers. However space should be balanced with the right amount of seating to maximise floor space and therefore profit. Finally what about cushioning? Cushioning may be appreciated by customers who are ordering food and who may therefore want to linger longer.


Many bar stools have a swivel action to allow the user to turn the seating around. This may enable them to engage with others around them and it allows them to avoid moving the stool when leaving it altogether. Swivel bar stools are often more expensive than the non-swivel variety, so you’ll need to consider whether this is a priority for you.

Material and design

Commercial-grade bar stools come in a wide variety of styles and designs including brushed aluminium, polypropylene, wood, and even perspex, and sometimes a culmination of one or more of these elements. With this in mind you’ll need to think about practicality. Are you looking for a bar stool that can be used both indoors and out? If so, you might want to consider aluminium or brushed steel. What about styling? Are you looking for something that crates a wow factor or do you prefer something a little more classic? What about an industrial or retro design?

As for what makes the perfect bar stool? Probably one that has a great mix of practicality, style, and comfort and hits the right mark when it comes to pricing. Get this right and you’re on to a winner.

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