Some Of The Best Reasons To Love Tolix Chairs

Tolix chairs have long been a favourite of ours and can be found in many cafes, bars, and restaurants all over Australia and globally. The original Tolix chair, also known as the Marais A chair, has a timeless style which knows no bounds.

It was designed by Xavier Pauchard who bought the process of galvanising to France, at a time when wood was the material of choice for furniture, and it quickly became the mainstay of schools and factories. In fact, they were once given away by brewers as a promotional offer to bars who did business with them.

Today, the Tolix chair is as popular as ever and shows no signs of slowing down. We simply love this iconic chair because it has heaps of personality and a simplistic, hearty style which fits in easily with both modern and traditional decors.

Our replica Tolix chairs are manufactured in the same way as the original Marais A chairs from steel which is powder coated for extra durability. Easy on the eye, they’re also extremely functional. We’ve put together some of the best reasons for falling in love with them, below:

  • Tolix chairs are lightweight yet incredibly strong, meaning you can move them around with ease to suit the demands of your business.
  • Tolix chairs are unusual in the fact that they age gracefully and actually look better with a little rust and the odd dent or two.
  • Aailable in a wide range of colours our Tolix chairs are easily matched to most décors or themes. Those with a taste for the traditional will love our antique Tolix chair in soft hues of silver, gold, or copper; while those looking to add a pop of colour can choose from apple green, yellow, red, or orange. If you like your décor to appear crisp and clean then our chairs are also available in white, black, or galvanised. Why not get playful and mix and match colours, or add in some Tolix chairs with wooden seats for extra texture. The only limit is your imagination.
  • We also stock a large collection of replica Tolix bar stools in 3 different sizes, to complement our Tolix chairs and these are ideal for visual impact in areas which are relatively neutral.
  • Since our Tolix chairs are intended for commercial use, they can withstand all the rigours of a busy environment and need very little maintenance apart from a quick wipeover to clean off any dust or spillages.
  • Finally, our Tolix chairs are stackable up to 10 high, making them a great choice for those with limited storage space.

Are you ready to shop Tolix chairs? Why not browse our online store, download our latest furniture catalogue, or drop by our showroom in Brendale to take a look first hand. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome from our friendly team.

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