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Some of the Most Common Causes of Damage to Commercial Furniture

By caring and maintaining the commercial furniture you have in your cafe, you should be able to add years to its life. Firstly, it’s absolutely vital that you know exactly what it’s made from before you decide on the technique and products to use and clean your furniture with. A hard lacquer could require a totally different product than a sealed surface, for instance.

Looking after your furniture also requires a commitment. Any problems should be dealt with right away and your furniture should be clean at all times, not just given a quick wipe over when you happen to think about it. As a rule of thumb, regular cleaning is far better than an occasional scrub.

Caring for your tables and chairs means avoiding damage. Sure, it may be time-consuming to perform regular cleaning, but it will, in the long run, save you money on replacing items and repairing damages. Furthermore, it will keep your café looking pristine for longer, and that in itself can impact customer footfall.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common causes of furniture damage. If you can tackle these, you should be able to improve the lifespan of your commercial furniture.

Common causes of damage to indoor commercial furniture

  1. Chairs balanced on tables while carrying out the cleaning which then fall off and get damaged
  2. Screws loosening
  3. Abrasive cleaning products or materials causing scratches to shiny surfaces
  4. Tables lifted by their top without supporting the table base, causing the fixing plate to come away
  5. Non-stackable chairs and tables being stacked
  6. Furniture being dragged across a floor that is uneven
  7. Aggressive sanitiser sprays being used to clean furniture and ultimately causing damage to the surface
  8. Tables tops being damaged by spills of acidic liquids such as wine
  9. Wooden tabletops with metal edging or decorative inlays getting damaged by rough handling
  10. Wild fluctuations in temperature or extremely high levels of humidity causing damage to outdoor commercial furniture

Common causes of damage to outdoor commercial furniture

  1. Indoor furniture being placed outdoors for long periods
  2. Metal furniture especially in coastal environments being corroded by salt in the air
  3. Furniture aging quickly because of being left without protection for too long
  4. Furniture, especially that with bright colours, being bleached by sunlight
  5. Water puddling on furniture which causes a stain
  6. Furniture being blown over by a strong gust of wind
  7. Footrests on stools being used in place of a ladder, causing them to bend or snap

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