Spring Is In The Air – How To Induce A Feeling Of Spring Fever

In case you hadn’t noticed Spring is most definitely in the air but what about your cafe? What have you done to draw attention to it and to show your customers that your business is moving with the seasons?

We’ve recently launched our first ever spring look book to inspire cafe and restaurant owners to embrace spring and hopefully give them some inspiration with regards to colour, design, and furniture to bring a touch of spring into their venue. But it shouldn’t stop there. Instead if you haven’t considered changing your menu then according to the authors of ‘The Daily Grind’, dedicated to helping people make money with their coffee shop, you could be missing a trick.

Changing with the seasons

As each season changes most of us know with certainty that certain things in our lives are going to change. For instance you may start wearing shorts in the spring and change back to jeans in the autumn and you know without doubt that you’ll be eating more salads in the summer than in the winter months when you may feel like indulging in more comfort food.

One way of attracting customers through your door is with festive changes and with Christmas not so very far away you may want to consider adding a spot of festive cheer with some Christmas napkins or take-away cups for example. However, it’s innovative new ideas on your menu that are likely to produce the most interest and tempt new customers to try out your cafe for themselves.

New lines – new business

Innovative menu ideas at this time of the year serve a myriad of purposes. They liven up your menu and keep it looking fresh and exciting, they can introduce your customers to the latest trends, and they give you an insight into what works and what doesn’t. Often a new line becomes so popular that it remains on the menu and serves to drive your business forward.

In a highly competitive market cafe owners can’t afford to sit still and be complacent. Just because their menu is working right now, who’s to say that customers won’t get bored with it in a few months time, especially regular customers?

Sometimes you can ring the changes simply by displaying some of your menu items in a different way perhaps by bringing them to your customer’s attention with a poster or blackboard, or simply placing them in a different spot on your menu.

Why not consider adding a few more syrups to your coffees. These are low waste items which have a long shelf life and a relatively low cost. Or make use of seasonal gluts of fresh fruits by introducing a range of delicious smoothies. Try offering different types of salads too – you can easily get ideas online. Because none of these ideas involve getting council permissions it’s quick and easy to put them in place and if they don’t work….. well try something else instead!

Reach out to your ‘friends’

Social media can be your friend too, so put together your delicious new food and drink creations and Tweet them to all your followers or showcase them on your Facebook page.

At Cafe Solutions we don’t just give out advice but also sell a great range of cafe furniture and cafe equipment for cafes, bars, and restaurants. Why not check out our online store or visit our showroom for inspiration. We’d love to see you there.

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