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Stackable Stools For Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

Stackable stools are a great choice for café and bar owners that have limited storage space available. Here at Café Solutions, we offer a wide range of stools which can be stacked in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colours, so you’re sure to find a stackable stool that’s right for you.

Using stacking stools in your venue

Stacking stools have many advantages over non-stackable stools with the main one being that they take up less room when it comes to storage. Traditional stools and chairs take up a lot of room which is why many business owners like the advantages that come with stacking furniture.

The unique benefits of stackable stools

While traditional stools can be bulky and heavy, stacking stools are easy to set out and put away at a moment’s notice. Stacking stools are designed to be moved from place to place and can be stacked on top of one another to save space. Here are just a few more advantages of stacking stools.

Space efficiency

When stackable stools aren’t being used for sitting on, they can be stacked vertically which means you can fit more into a space than you can if you have to store your stools side by side.


While many stools can only be used for one application or one place where they are well suited, stacking stools can be virtually used anywhere. They’re great for filling out meeting rooms and for providing extra seating in a busy café or bar.


Stackable stools are usually manufactured from lightweight materials which cost less than stools which are intended to remain stationary. These types of stools are often sold in bulk which means that the more you buy, the better deal you get.


One of the greatest benefits of stacking stools is the ease at which they can be picked up and moved around. Because they normally weigh less than other stools, they’re easier for your staff to manage.


Stacking stools are usually made of highly durable materials such as aluminium which is designed to stand the test of time and can withstand this type of handling.


stackable stools

Stacking stools are usually just as comfortable as non-stacking stools only with all the benefits that come with this type of stool. Customers will be happy to sit on stackable chairs for the time it takes to drink their coffee and eat their food.


There are many options when it comes to the colour and size of stacking stools. Fortunately, they don’t all look alike and can be selected to complement your décor and existing café or restaurant furniture.

So, now you know the many benefits of stackable stools why not take the next step and browse our online store for inspiration. We also have showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney where you can come and see the quality of our stacking stools for yourself.