Backless vs Stool with Back

Cross Back Stool

A common stumbling block when choosing a stool for your café or bar is whether to choose a stool with a back or opt for a backless stool. While having a stool with a back offers plenty of support for customers, you may not like the idea of the stool’s back being visible above the height of your countertop.

We’ve put together a quick guide of the benefits and considerations of each design to help you choose the right stool for your space.

Café bar stool with back


  • Great lumbar support. Customers may find that when sitting in the same place for a while that their bodies start to slump. Having a stool with a back can reduce some of the stress on customers’ backs.
  • Backrest bar stools feel more secure as there is something supporting you at the back.


  • The backrest may be evident above the height of the counter. Dependent on the height of the backrest will determine how much will be seen above the countertop. While this is purely a matter of aesthetics, it is still something that you might want to consider.
  • A bar stool with a back cannot be tucked fully beneath your table or countertop. This means that your stools will be visible and will take up a little more floor space.

Backless Bar Stool 


  • Since there is no visible backrest poking out from the top of your counter, there is nothing to break up the simple straight lines of the counter
  • Backless bar stools can also be fully pushed beneath the counter which means they’ll take up less floor space. If space is limited, then this could be a deciding factor.


  • As there is no backrest, anyone sitting on a stool is more likely to be resting or leaning on the counter in front of them
  • If young children are sitting on your café bar stools, remember that backless stools provide less support when they are seated.

Still not sure which to choose? Why not have the best of both worlds?

A bar stool with a small back


  • This style of stool provides some support for the lower spine and the back
  • A small backrest can barely be seen above a countertop


  • Since the backrest is smaller it won’t provide as much support for the back
  • Furthermore, it won’t provide full support for younger children

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this has helped you decide whether you want a stool with a back or a backless stool. Head on over to our online store to browse our range of stools or even better, why not call into our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to try them out for yourself.