Come To Café Solutions And Find The Right Table For Your Café

If you are trying to find the right table for your café, then we can help. All our cafe tables are commercial-grade and have been rigorously tested. Our tables are designed to be strong and durable with solid timber or metal frames for durability. In addition, table-tops are designed to be heatproof and spill-proof making cleaning easy.

Need a table for your café – your style, your way!

With hundreds of tables to choose from ranging from intimate tables for two, through to longer banqueting tables to feed a large family, we have everything you need right here. If you fancy something sleek and contemporary for example then why not take a look at our Isotop tables with chrome silver bases. They provide a great contrast between a solid wood-like top and the shiny bases, great for alfresco dining on a terrace area. Alternatively, if you have something more traditional in mind then how about something in rustic maple? Great if you have a natural-looking setting with bare floors and jute carpeting.

What About A Table-Top?

A great way of changing the look and table for your café without spending a small fortune is to replace the table-tops. We also have a range of stylish, traditional and contemporary tabletops in Isotop materials. All our table tops look incredibly natural to resemble a variety of woods, marbles and granites but are hardwearing and half the price. Customers can buy them in 600, 700, 800 and 1200 mm sizes and they are available in both round and square shapes.

What is the right table for your café?

Firstly you need to consider its use. Are your tables to be used outside on a terrace or garden area, or are they for use indoors only? Then, of course, there is the shape to consider. A smaller round table for a café is ideal for squeezing into awkward areas to increase your seating capacity, whereas a larger 1200 mm oblong table may be better for larger communal entertaining which is all the rage across many café’s in Australia. What about table height? Taller dry bar tables are ideal for those wanting to grab a quick espresso on the go, while standard long tables may best be suited to comfortable seating for those wanting to linger.

Whatever you table for café requirements you can rest assured that we offer quality products at great prices. If you are in the Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne area, why not pop into our showroom where our experienced staff can help. Alternatively, why not log onto our website and download our café furniture brochure to see all the great products for yourself.