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Table Legs for Café Tables

table legs

If you’re in need of table legs then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Café Solutions, we stock an extensive range of table legs or bases which can be easily attached to most tabletops.

Table bases need to be strong and durable, yet sufficiently light to be able to move the whole table as and when necessary. As well as looking good they have to be functional otherwise you could find your tables collapsing once they are laden with food and drinks.

A table base for all occasions

From bolt-in to foldable, square or round, and in a choice of materials including cast iron for a rustic look and stainless steel or chrome for a sleek, modern aesthetic, our table bases come in many different styles, shapes and materials.

They can be paired with all of our tabletops if you’re looking to customise a table. Why not try a cast iron table base with a laminated timber top for a look that is rustic and traditional. Or, for a contemporary aesthetic, you could match a stainless-steel base with a black marble laminated top. Just imagine how cool those would look with matching black stools grouped around them.

Our table legs vary in style from simplistic to more ornate. One of our simplest styles is our bolt-in base. This bolts into the ground with the fittings covered by a stainless steel plate. This style is for you if you’re confident that you have the right table layout and don’t need to alter it in any way. This permanent fitting prevents customers from moving tables around and also provides more room for mobility users to be able to sit right up to the table. They’re a great option for small spaces too.

If you’re looking to add a dash of European flair to your dining space then why not consider our Paris base. This ornate base is made from cast iron with decorative feet and scrolls adorning the centre pole. Try pairing it with a laminate marble tabletop for a traditional French aesthetic.

If you’re plagued with the infamous ‘wobbly table’ syndrome then why not take a look at our range of FLAT table bases. These innovative bases utilise a series of hydraulics hidden with the table legs which automatically adjust to level a table that is sitting on an uneven surface.

If you’re unsure which table legs you need for your tabletops then or friendly staff will be pleased to assist. Why not head over to our online store to browse our range of table legs or even better, visit our showroom in Brisbane to check them out for yourself.