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Need a Table Top? Check Out Our Selection

table top
Rustic Maple Isotop Plus Table Top

A table top is arguably one of the most important items of furniture that you will need for your café, bar, or restaurant. Your furniture is one of the first impressions that a customer gets of your venue, so it pays to make it a good one.

Café Solutions stocks a wide range of Isotop table tops which come in many sizes, shapes, and patterns. Better still, when you choose an Isotop table top you can purchase it on its own or as part of a table package, saving you even more money.

What do you want from a table top?

Strength and durability

Well, naturally you want a table that is strong and durable – one that won’t collapse when it is laden with plates of food. Isotop table tops are incredibly strong and will attach easily to most table bases.

The latest Isotop range is one of the most adaptable yet. Intended for indoor and outdoor use, the table top is strong but still retains the sleek chic look that is intended for indoor table tops.

Isotop Sliq

These table tops are designed to give a modern, stylish and minimalist look in a café or bar. The edge profile is sleek and compact while smooth rounded edges make them extremely user-friendly. With their matt finish, the designs come to life with a truly natural finish.

Isotop Plus

This is one of Isotop’s most durable table tops and comes in a variety of patterns all with a glossy finish. It is thicker than the Sliq table top but every bit as beautiful.

Heat and scratch-resistant

One of the benefits of an Isotop table top is that it can withstand the heat from plates that have come straight out of the oven, so there is no need for placemats or table cloths. It can also withstand the heat from a burning cigarette that’s how durable these table tops are!

Furthermore, their tough surface won’t get scratched by sharp cutlery or any sort of sharp tool being used on it.

Smooth rounded edges

As you would expect from a café table top, the Isotop table tops feature smooth rounded edges and are fully sealed to prevent any moisture from getting beneath the surface. Should a customer accidentally knock themselves against the edge of the table, they won’t snag their clothes or skin.

An Isotop table top can mimic natural materials such as timber, granite, cement and marble giving you a designer look without the price tag. We also sell table bases, so why not check these out at the same time.

So if you’re looking for a table top that will give you years of service and still look as good as the day you bought it, then look no further.

Why not browse our online store or visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne to see our products first-hand.