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Loft Stool

The full range of tall bar stools at Café Solutions includes both traditional and contemporary styles suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Browse our selection of tall bar stools which includes timber stools with or without backs, modern metal stools in powder-coated aluminium and steel, and tall stools with cushioned seats or polished timber tops. Our tall stools are 76 cm high and can work with dry bar tables as well as beneath tall countertops. In addition, many of our tall bar stools such as the Hairpin stool in red, have passed AFRDI testing while the timber used for the seat has come from sustainable sources.

Tall bar stools add elegance to any venue and create added dimension to an interior. They also give your customers a choice of somewhere else to sit up high where they can get a good view of everything that is going on. With prices to suit all budgets, you’re sure to find a bar stool that suits.

How to choose the right tall bar stool for your needs

It can be difficult making your choice of tall bar stools, which is why we’ve put together a few factors to consider before making your purchase.

Theme or décor

When adding any new furniture it needs to complement your existing furniture and/or décor. For instance, a traditional bar stool such as our Ladder Back tall bar stools would look totally out of place. On the contrary, our contemporary Loft Stool would look stunning in a modern minimalist café or restaurant.

Indoor/outdoor use

Next, you need to consider whether your tall bar stools will be used outside. That being the case, then be sure to check that the product description clearly states the stools can be used outdoors. For instance, our Ribbon Stool in black is manufactured from polypropylene, which is one of the most suitable materials for outdoor use. UV treated and weather resistant, this eye-catching designer-inspired stool will not fade, crack, or rot in the harsh Australian climate. Even better, these stools are designed to stack, making for a convenient storage option when not in use.


Another factor to consider when choosing tall bar stools is the amount of maintenance required. Timber stools may need staining once a year and frequent dusting and polishing to keep them pristine. You’ll also need to check that any bolts are securely in place.

Metal stools, on the other hand, require less maintenance since all it takes to keep them clean and free from dust is a wipe with a damp cloth and mild cleansing agent. In addition, metal stools are lighter than timber ones and can be moved with ease from one place to another to suit customer needs.


Naturally, customer comfort is important when choosing tall bar stools. That said, your choice of stool can determine the action you want your customers to take. For instance, a stool without a backrest or a padded seat gives a non-verbal indication that customers are expected to leave once they have finished their drinks and food.

Stools with backrests and comfy padded seats may mean that your customers are tempted to sit for longer chatting, without necessarily ordering another round of drinks or some food.

So hopefully now you know the factors to consider when choosing tall bar stools, it will make it easier for you to select the right stools for your needs. Why not browse our online store, download our furniture catalogue, or visit one of our showroom near you, to see our stools for yourself. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions and assist you with your purchase.