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Need a Tall Table? Check Out Our Bar Tables

tall table
Tolix Tall Table

Ideal for giving food a lift, a tall table or bar table as they’re commonly known, makes a great spot for knocking back an early morning coffee or enjoying a quick meal. Our bar tables come in a range of styles and colours to suit every taste and budget.

A tall table used in cafes and bars is often called a poseur table and can be used with tall stools or as a stand-alone table for customers to stand around and place their drinks down on its surface. Many of our bar tables have a matching café table which can be used to coordinate your furniture throughout your room.

Our tall tables can be purchased as a complete package with a choice of Roma table base or Tolix bar base. For those preferring to customise their own bar table, then we provide a variety of tall table bases which can be paired with any of our tabletops. (Please be sure to choose the tabletop size recommended to accompany the table base).

Customised bar tables

Customised bar tables naturally give you a wider scope, enabling you to get just the look you want to complement your existing café furniture. Our bar bases come in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles and include our cast iron Paris base,  our round stainless steel base, our cast iron Venice dry bar base and our bolt-in stainless steel base. Most of them feature a cross-style bracket at the top which fits easily to round or square tabletops.

Where to use tall tables

A tall table is perfect for squeezing into small recesses or awkward corners and helps you to maximise your floor space. When paired with a couple of tall bar stools they make an intimate dining space for couples.

Tall tables are also effective for adding height and dimension to your cafe’s dining space and could be used alongside a long wall where they’re perfect for solo diners or couples and frees up your larger tables accommodating 4 or more people.

Because they’re designed to match the height of a bar counter, you could also utilise one or more of these handy tables at either end of your bar counter to hold items such as condiments, menus, and cutlery.

So now we’ve convinced you that you need a tall table why not head over to our online store and take a look at what’s on offer. Alternatively, if you’re in the area, we’d love you to pop into our showroom and try out some of our products for yourself.