The Advantages Of Offering Free Wi-Fi In Your Cafe

cafe customers using free Wi-FiWith so many people now relying on their computers to earn a living, more businesses including cafés are offering free Wi-Fi in a bid to attract new customers and have an edge over their competitors. So what exactly are the advantages of this service?

Pulling in the punters

Providing a free Wi-Fi service can be viewed as offering another amenity to your customers which gives them another reason to use your café. The fact that your service is free is sufficient encouragement for them to come through the door and once they’re hit with the delicious aroma of fresh coffee or bacon frying they’re almost sure to cave in to temptation.

Customers remain longer

Free Wi-Fi can mean that your customers stay longer in your café and the longer they spend time, the more they’re likely to spend. One coffee leads to another and before they know it, its time for lunch and bingo…. they can buy it from you!

Meeting place

Offering free Wi-Fi can establish your café as a great meeting place. For example customers can meet there to hold a breakfast or lunch time business meeting. Sales people can meet people for a coffee whilst extolling the virtues of their product with a computer based presentation. Business partners can also meet to discuss a new project in a nice relaxed atmosphere away from the office.


According to a survey carried out on more than 1,000 European Wi-Fi users, 96 % stated that they would return to an establishment that offered free Wi-Fi. Almost half of those asked, went to the establishment in the first place because it offered free Wi-Fi.

Return on your investment

Although it may set you back a few hundred dollars to install your Wi-Fi with the increase in your business that you should expect to see, you’ll soon be seeing a good return on your investment

Aside from offering free Wi-Fi many customers would also prefer to use a café where the furniture is attractive and comfortable. Remember the longer a customer is sitting comfortably and enjoying their surroundings, the more likely they are to purchase another drink or order some food. Result!

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