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The Benefits Of Cafe Pendant Lighting Explained

Large-Pendant-Light-in-Matte-BlackJust as interior designers and home owners are using pendant lighting to create that all-important ambience, so too are cafe owners. In fact pendant lighting has many advantages that you mightn’t immediately think of. With this in mind, let’s dive straight in and take a look at some of the benefits that this form of lighting has over its counterparts.

Breaks up a room

A carefully positioned pendant light has the ability to break up the monotony of a room, which if you have a large expanse of ceiling, can seem like dead space. As pendant lighting comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes the trick is to make your cafe pendant lighting stand out. Try pairing a large brightly coloured or decorative pendant against a plain white ceiling to give that instant wow factor; or how about suspending several smaller ones at strategic intervals to give the same effect.

Pendant lighting doesn’t take up valuable floor space

As the name suggests pendant lighting is suspended like a pendant from the ceiling and as a result can give a concentrated area of light just like a table or floor lamp can. However unlike these, your pendant light won’t take up valuable floor or table space, which can otherwise be used to maximise profits.

Illuminates a large area without taking up much space

Because of the way that pendant lighting is shaped (in a conical style) they have the ability to direct a large amount of light downwards. This means that a larger area can be illuminated and therefore less lighting needs to be used. It’s ideal for kitchen areas or bars where light needs to be focused, but in addition, lighting can be softened by using coloured bulbs and diffusers. Ultimately for any cafe looking to minimise spend and maximise profits, it’s easy to see how pendant lighting offers a great money saving solution.

Endless styles

the great thing about pendent lighting is that they can be as modern of classical as you want them to be. If you’re looking to create an industrial theme for example, then copper or stainless-steel coloured pendant lights are ideal. If on the other hand you’re after something that’s more vintage or period, then there are a number of inverted pendant styles that would fit in with any style from Queen Anne to Regency.

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