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The Benefits Of Mix and Match Cafe Furniture

What makes you choose a particular cafe? Is it because of the food they serve or is it because the staff are warm and friendly. Perhaps you like the décor? Customers have a variety of reasons for visiting your cafe so we’d suggest that it’s important to include a variety of furniture options, because quite simply everyone is different. Why lock yourself into just one type of furniture throughout when you could reap the benefits of mix and match cafe furniture? With this in mind here are 4 benefits of choosing to go down this route.


With so many cafes springing up all over Brisbane you need something different to make yours stand out from the crowd. That is if you want to attract new customers and survive. Often it can be something as simple as your choice of cafe furniture. Mixing and matching items can create a distinctive feel to your cafe that makes it stand apart from nearby cafes and reminds people that it’s one of a kind. This could make all the difference to customers returning or not. There are a couple of ways you can mix and match your cafe chairs quite easily. Firstly you could choose a colour, and then break this down further into say three different designs to place in various areas of your cafe. Or you could choose a particular brand, say bentwood, and use different styles of bentwood chairs to tie them all in together.


It’s easy to create a natural flow within your cafe by using mix and match items of furniture too. For example high rise bar stools subtly indicate that this is an area for friends to catch up with a quick drink. Whereas more formal chairs on a lower level tell people that this is an area where they can comfortably sit and eat. This natural flow prevents customers from getting confused when they enter your cafe.

Less rigid

Cafes are predominantly venues for people to sit and relax, either to rest sore feet from a morning shopping or after a hard day at work. As such you should try to create an atmosphere which feels relaxing and informal and this can be done by using different types of furniture. For example, for customers wanting to kick back with a newspaper, how about providing some tub chairs. Or for families with younger children that they want to keep an eye on, how about providing some booth seating. You get the picture.


It goes without saying that you can expect a variety of ages and gender when customers come through the door, and naturally they don’t all enjoy the same thing. Therefore a variety of furniture styles will go some distance to making all of your customers feel comfortable and wanting to return again.

At Cafe Solutions we stock an extensive range of cafe furniture in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colours, so you really can take your pick of mix and match items. Why not browse our online store or drop by our showroom for inspiration.



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