Why Our Tiffany Chair is Popular for Weddings

tiffany chair
Tiffany Chair

For those of you that may not know, a Tiffany chair is typically used for formal events such as banquets, and in recent times they have become a popular choice for wedding hire too.

Tiffany chairs were originally known as ‘Chiavari chairs’ with certain style characteristics that stem from the 19th century. They have an elegant and regal appearance but are also lightweight and stackable, making them a practical choice for events where a large group of people need to be seated.

A brief history of the Tiffany chair

The Tiffany chair was designed in 1807 by Guiseppe Gaetano Descalzi, an Italian designer.  He lived in Chiavari, which is on the north-east coast of Italy, and that is why the chairs came to be known as ‘Chiavari chairs’.

Descalzi had been invited by the president of the Economic Society of Chiavari to redesign a chair which was simpler in style and lighter than the Empire Style chair which was fashionable at that time.

The chair he created was a huge success and the demand was such that several factories opened in Chiavari and the surrounding towns to make the chairs. When Descalzi died in 1855, there were around 600 craftsmen making Chiavari chairs. His work was also admired by Napoleon 111, Charles Albert of Savoy, and the sculptor, Antonio Canova.

Following the introduction of the Vienna chair in 1859, designed by Michael Thonet, there was a decline in the popularity of the Chiavari chair. Thonet’s chairs could be mass-produced, were easily assembled, and cost considerably less to buy.

Modern-day Tiffany chairs

Nowadays, however, the Chiavari or Tiffany chair is machine produced and has become popular for group events and weddings. The chairs look elegant, yet are lightweight and easily stacked, meaning they can be transported with ease to functions. They also take up less room than non-stackable chairs when they need to be stored.

At Café Solutions our Tiffany chair is manufactured from white polypropylene which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor events. Strong and durable, it’s also lightweight and stackable. With no maintenance needed, except a wipe over with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaning agent, it’s both stylish, functional, and perfect for outdoor weddings.

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