Tips for Buying Metal Café Chairs

If you’re looking to buy new café furniture then you’re probably already aware that there is a wide choice of styles, materials, and colours to choose from. Two of the most popular choices of materials are wood and metal. We’re concentrating on metal furniture in this post giving you some basic information to take on board before committing to a purchase.

Why buy metal?

One of the main reasons for buying metal furniture is the wide range of options available. Metal café chairs are available with a variety of coloured vinyl seats, infinite back rest options, and many different colours of stained timber seats too. Similarly, metal barstools offer just as many options enabling you create a uniform look throughout your café or to mix and match styles.

Budget friendly

Metal café furniture is also available in numerous budget friendly options. You’ll find great prices on metal tables, barstools, chairs, and table bases. Our replica Tolix chairs, for instance, start from just $45, offering incredible value for money while our stylish steel cabaret chairs come in at $63. Of course, you’ll also find metal furniture at cheaper and more expensive prices.

Metal is durable

Although metal furniture is economical it’s also extremely durable. The metal used in the manufacture of our metal chairs is very strong and since the furniture we sell is for commercial use, the way that commercial chairs are manufactured, make them even stronger than similar metal chairs designed for residential use.

When the joints are welded on metal chairs it makes them far stronger than joints which are bolted together and also means there is less maintenance involved. Furthermore, over time, the finish on metal chairs is likely to last longer than on wooden chairs.

Metal is great for outdoor use

A lot of metal chairs are designed for outdoor use, particularly those manufactured from aluminium. Stainless steel tables are also perfect for indoor or outdoor use and are often used in conjunction with sliding doors that open right up, allowing for indoor/outdoor spaces which are partially covered. Metal furniture is designed to stand up to the elements and often come with matching tables and parasols.

Metal furniture can be lightweight

A lot of metal furniture, especially that for outdoor use, is lightweight. This means it’s easy to move around to meet customer needs and only needs one person. Lightweight tables, chairs, and table bases are ideal for busy cafes where people want to pull up more chairs to seat larger groups it’s also handy for storage purposes if the furniture is lightweight.

Whatever your metal furniture needs, here at Café Solutions we have a variety of metal table bases and numerous metal chair and bar stool styles in a rainbow of gorgeous powder coated colours.