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Tips for Furnishing Your Home Bar

If you love nothing better than entertaining guests and rustling up a few intoxicating cocktails, then a home bar is probably at the top of your must have list.

Whether you’re intending have the lads round to watch football or inviting couples for some classy cocktails in your basement bar, a home bar can be easily tailored to create the ambience that you’re seeking.

You may consider a home bar to be somewhat of an indulgence – and let’s be honest, it probably is, but that’s what makes it so satisfying! If you’ve got enough space in your home, installing a bar provides privacy and convenience and is the perfect place for those special occasions. What’s more, you’re always going to find a seat!

This post runs through the type of furniture you may need for your home bar, whether you’re creating a new one or giving your existing bar a makeover.

How much furniture will you need for your home bar?

The amount of furniture you’ll need depends on how often you entertain friends and family, how many people on average are normally present, and how much space you have.

If you regularly have large groups of friends round, then you might want to utilise an entire room for your bar which offers a variety of furniture, including sofas, bar stools, and armchairs, to keep everyone happy.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you love the thought of a home bar but only have limited space, why not consider adding a freestanding cocktail bar to your dining room, kitchen, or any other suitable living space. For this type of bar, all that’s needed is a few bar stools for guests to sit on while they wait for their drinks to be served.

Home bar furniture items

The best style for your home bar mostly depends on your lifestyle and entertaining preferences, as well as the amount of space you have available. Choosing the right type of furniture is the best way of making your bar look attractive and inviting without spending a small fortune on large fittings and fixtures. Here are just a few items to consider:

Barstools – Let’s face it, you’re unlikely to have tables and chairs dotted around your home bar. Instead, all you need is a few bar stools for those that want to take the weight off their feet, to sit on. Remember, they’re not customers!

There are hundreds of bar stools to choose from, just remember to choose a style that’s in keeping with the atmosphere you’re looking to create. For instance, if you want a traditional pub atmosphere, then wooden bar stools might be your best choice. For a classier bar, why not choose some vintage styled barstools such as Tolix.

Sofas and armchairs – If you’ve got a large enough space and are using an entire room for your bar, then you may need to fill it with a large, comfy sofa and a few armchairs in addition to your barstools. Because you’re the host, and the occasion is likely to be in this room, then sofas and armchairs will hep your guests feel comfortable and relaxed for the duration.


Any bar needs some storage space for glasses, equipment, and drink bottles. You could include wine racks and drinks cabinets or even a solo island which includes cupboards and shelving on the walls for displaying your selection of glasses.

Finishing touches

It’s those all-important finishing touches which will make your bar memorable. Things such as cocktail shakers, ice buckets and a metal drinks trolley immediately spring to mind. Also, around the seating area, you could consider adding some lamps and art work. To make a huge impact, how about a pool table and a jukebox!

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